Wednesday, September 01, 2010

just tuesday

After starting our day (late morning) with things that we thought would suit us today, we struggled through some stuff for a little while.
I mean...we chose them, so you'd think they'd be alright, but it wasn't.  Seemed off, and blech and..... a chore, I guess.
Today's "Do" only had a couple of things on it:
Dinosaur River
  (with soccer and baseball and skateboarding)
and Blokus.
Those were all Trevy's ideas, Mama was comin' up short today.

Soon enough we ignored the things we had piled up on the patio table (we had chosen them ourselves, and brought them upstairs, but still...), and we just started "Whatever"ing.
Things got decidedly better after that.

Decided to regroup and work on Grandma's birthday present for a little while.
We've designed and are making a kid-friendly piece of stained glass for her. 

Madeleine discovered that the chalkboard is magnetic,
and so drew circles (three different colors) on the easel.  Different points for different circles.  ' Course, the darts have to match the circles....

They Might Be Giants. : )

Trev worked next to her on his Zoo Tycoon game - the first one.  Though we have all the more modern ZT games, my little son likes the older ones just as much.  This one doesn't work particularly well, (as our computers are newer than the game), so he just does what he can, and finds codes to make things happen.
Call them "Cheats"?  I think not.  More like Research, and Customization, I say.

Icecream cones have also been a part of our day.

We opened up the bubble science kit.  Liked the bubbles.

Ended up making more of our own, as our gallon pot has gone shallow.
 A full pot of new bubbles meant that we could (and almost always do) get out the geometry building kit,
as building with that always means inverted angles and bubble fanciness.

Right about that time the fedex dude showed up with our box from Steve Spangler.

"How 'bout we design a shape with these... and then make it happen with those??"

(We had already investigated how the airbags work, with 'wind currents' and all...)

Yeah.  That worked out alright.

I looked at our list, and reminded Trev that the ground was probably soft enough to dig his river - it rained yesterday.
Aaaallll over that.
So now along with the pond and the plains, we have a river with mountains and a swamp.  : )

Madd had been asking about the jelly marbles since the box showed up, so I made room on the table (there are bubbles, geo build thingies, zoomorphs, window and bio paints for the glass, books, shut the box, the fedex box....) and we got started on that.

Trev reads wikipedia to Madd,
and Mama catches up on the daily do for the blog.

Dad gets home, so....

To the park!
with a radio flyer packed with mitts and a softball, dinner, a backpack, waters, a soccer ball, a skateboard, scooter, slam pads, a helmet, a laptop, camera, blanket...  : ) all the usuals, eh?

There was loungin'

and scootin'

and dinosaur lectures (to new customers)....

and there was rallyin'

an' soccer

imaginary play (restaurant)

and tag and hide-and-go-seek.

And more of this,
and more of that.

Home to love, then.
All is well here.


  1. We did bubbles yesterday also! Some days just call for them. Love them with the geo shapes.

    Steve Spangler!How cool to build shapes with his balloons.

    I love the picture of your husband lounging in the park. Sweet.

  2. Those little jelly marbles look cool! I've been feeling a little "off" for the past couple of days too. Maybe it is the weather??

  3. I see now what Jelly marbles are. Sorry been on vacation and missed a few days. Love the present for Grandma. She has got to love it. Thanks for all the cool links to neat stuff.


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