Saturday, September 11, 2010


it's morning.
well, then.
maddie's arrangement

Just in case you're wondering :
thyme disinfectant, our kitchen cleaner (orange and lemon eo's), our dusting polish (with orange, rosewood, rose geranium, and our Happy Home eo's), scrub with spearmint and orange, and our bathroom spray is spearmint and orange.  Recipes are here.

a lovely start to the day.

and then madd had to make one (a pencil holder) that she could paint...

we packed up and went to lunch at our favorite place,
and headed to The Cousins house for a couple hours out at the nature preserve... hoping to see a few migrators.

we didn't have any luck with that, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves pretty well-ly.
(we'll try again at a different spot, soon.)

when were finished romping in the wetlands it was time to get to the park to see megan perform in her skits for a local arts program.

eventually we made it to dinner,
and then to their house for the rest of our late-over.

all is right and fine here.


  1. So excited to go look at your recipes! Thanks for posting them. :)

  2. It is nice that so many lovely things are so close to you that you can fit such diverse things in one day.

  3. Oh yes...thank you for those recipes. I've been wanting some new ones to try.

    Love your pics - specifically the ones of all the kiddos enjoying the great outdoors. It does my heart good. xo


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