Saturday, September 04, 2010


I'm not really sure how the first part of our day went on Friday.
I do know that eventually that morning we made a Do list for the day.
And it was a juicy, long one-- but that's the thing about our list - we're free to change our minds about it however and whenever we like, and there is always plenty or room for quiet Me-time for everyone throughout the day.

Super Mario Brothers for Trev on the wiiiiiii. 

Finished up Grandma's present.

The Amazing Mammoth Hunt (geology game)

Mancala for Madd and Mama...
mud and prehistory for Trevelyn.

and wet on wet painting
 as well as well as with Mama's fancy water color pencils.


and paper crafts (prehistoric scenes).

A long, lovely, lively game of Apples to Apples Jr.
Love this game!
So much fun!

You would think that this is just about vocabulary, but it isn't.
It's about being outrageously creative,
and thinking and humorously scheming,
and relating some obscure thing to whatever topic is at hand.
Really, really engaging and cool. 
"Thank you! And come again!" says the Mama as she's putting the game away after an hour+ of play.
"Oh, don't worry!" pipes in Little Son, "I'm here all week!"

We've had sunshine and warm, today, and have all been watching the thermometer in the pool.
It's soooo cold!
(The thought of Swimming being over for the year makes us want to cry.)
Finally, we decided that it wasn't going to get any warmer (and we aren't certain that Another Day is going to provide us with a better opportunity) and so we decided to start the fire to have a warm-up spot.

(Which always means Math - Our Style)

Draw, Play!.

Bikeride to the store.

And lastly our day included a family bike ride.

Today's words of wisdom:
"Life is too short to let a little bad news stop you from Living."
       -Trevelyn (via Oracle Twin 2, from Jake Long)

All is well here.


  1. Grandma is a lucky lady - that's beautiful!

  2. I love your board games. The Mammoth one and Apples to Apples Jnr.

    Your days are pretty full, so I wondering what time your kids get up and what time they go to pack all that in we would have to be up early and to bed pretty late.

    Maybe it's because there are twice as many kids here...which means it takes twice as long to get ready...I don't know! I'd be interested on any hints/ tips on getting so much done in a day!

  3. Kelly-
    It might sound like we go in a whirlwind from one thing to another and then fall down into a heap at the end of the day - and once in a while that's true - but for the most part our days are pretty meandering and slow.

    I usually fall asleep around 10 to 10:30, and wake up between 6:30 and 7:30, Madd falls asleep around 9:30 and sleeps 'til 8:30 - 9:30, and Trev falls to sleep between 10:30 and 11:00 (sometimes a bit later) and usually wakes up between 10 and 11.

    So because they sleep in late, often our days don't even really get going until 1:00 or so. I would say that right now (summertime) we're most active between noon and six.

    Maddie is someone who likes variety in her life - a dream child for me!- and so she flits easily and quickly into a lot of different activities (she does the choosing and almost always comes up with the ideas. If I can see she seems stuck, I'll offer ideas until I say just the right thing).
    I read that Gemini (she is, Trev's a Cancer) children often have a difficult time in school because they like to go from thing to thing, and it's disturbing to the teacher and system to have a child that wants to do flit everywhere.
    It so happens that it's great for me!! :)
    I relish that she's so active and inquisitive and wants to fill up her days and has a thousand ideas of things she wants to do. :)

    Often our things through the day - like things that are listed together - are things being done at the same time by different people. Like Trev will create prehistory while Madd and I play Mancala.
    Or Trev's in doing research while Maddie and I are creating art right outside the den door on the patio.

    We do lots of things all together - which is what our Do list is about, to make sure we have lots of things we're all interested in, but there is lots of time for individual pursuits as well.
    And quiet/re-group time for me!

  4. Love the stained glass. Beautiful.

  5. Thanks for your reply - interesting about the whole Gemini thing...I have one of those (my youngest) plus a Cancer and TWO Capricorns (whole lotta perfectionism going on with those two)

    It's helpful to have the insight into what you do, and how you do it!


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