Friday, September 17, 2010

friday : game on. (evidently.)

maddie parachutes.

Cadoo.  love Cadoo.

 today's feature: Baryonyxof course I know!

(both babes.)


2d Nim, with Madd.
 (she saw the papers from mine and Trev's games, and wanted me to teach her to play.)

I went downstairs today, thinking that I wanted to bring up some new games to put within our view.
I saw Mastermind, which heretofore has been up high and out-of-sight in the Rumpus Room, just waiting for Someday. (Eric and I played games pre-children-- we had like ten years : )  )

I brought it upstairs and told Trev that I had a game that I wanted to show him....
I wasn't really sure what would happen, especially since Trev has a bit of a cold.
I mean - would he stare at me blankly while giving a hard, sound, [sniff]?  Would I get impatient?
How does one explain supposition and Think?
It's actually a great day for me to introduce such a thing (game), as I'm not short on patience today.  :)
As it turned out...
He did just fine.
He did just fine!!  
We got to the tenth line, and he had all of the colors correct, and two positions wrong.
So I took out his last guess, and walked him back through some of his other guesses.
Not once did I say, "this color and position are right," and on the 11th try, he got it.
I was perfectly willing to help him suppose his way through the game, as this was the very first time he's played or seen it.  But we didn't ruin the process while playing, if you see what I mean.

Othello was next.
Trev was willing.
It's been a while since we've played it.
Another one that has lived up on the Adult shelf, though we've played it before.  I'm thinking it's got a permanent place easily-at-hand, now.

Trev won, by the way.  If it matters.

geodice again.  :)
 the first game with the three of us.

Madd and I headed out to Neverland - the one over there on the green, green grass - with her barn, farm folk, animals, playmobile garden people, homemade fences out of popsicle sticks, my little ponies, et al....  for an hour or so of Imagination.
an hour well spent, to be sure.

supper is on.
and let me just say that That was Me, even though ddh (Mr. Chef) is home.  
okay, fine!  truthfully-- he's sick.


wiiii. again.

I'm tellin' you.  Games.

words of the day from the babes : enzymes.  typical.  exemplary.

good grief.  I'm tired.
I'll just wave this flag, then, and roll on over to my book.

looking forward to tomorrow,
as always.
see you then, maybe.
peace out!
or in.


  1. I LOVE Othello and nobody will play it with me. Brats!

    Thought of you today as we went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Fossils and Dino bones galore!

    We sure could keep you happily busy. Tempting, don't you think?

  2. Can I book a stay in Neverland? Looks so heavenly and peaceful...

    We play mastermind here too - dd (9 yrs) and ds (7 yrs) play it properly.

    Ds (6 yrs) and Ds3 (2 years) use it for fine motor skills, putting the little pegs in the holes to make pictures...

    Never played Othello though - looks fun!

  3. We have also been gaming!!! I love Othello it was the only game I could vanquish my older brothers as a kid... even in monopoly they would eventually buy my piece... but Othello, they never stood a chance!!! And Cadoo - we totally love too!!! Totally totally totally!!! My kids also love 30 seconds Junior... they laugh and laugh at the funny things to act out!!! Have a fun weekend from sunny Cape Town!!!

  4. Mastermind and Othello is my childhood games!!!!! Love them till now!!

  5. All of a sudden my boy is wanting to play lots of board games, card games and the like.

    Tried Mastermind and didn't like it so much but I think Othello will be a hit. He's into Stratego, chess and Brainbox -the World right now.

    Hope your guys feel better soon :0)

  6. Must be a trend - lots of games here too.

    Hope your chef-man feels better soon and stops missing all the fun!

    Off to find Mastermind...

  7. We love games here too - we play board games of some sort every single day. My 5 year old has been collecting the new LEGO games lately, which are small and nice for traveling. Looks like fun, as always! :)

  8. Cadoo rocks - as does Othello...

  9. Cadoo rocks!

    And, I remember Othello (we had it at my uncle's house) but don't remember how to play it? Drat.

    Ah! Michael and I were married for 9 years before having Benjamin...we, too, played games.

    Now, I must go to my game shelves and look around...perhaps something needs to be brought upstairs! :)


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