Wednesday, September 22, 2010

autumn's first.

Maddie had been to the market,
had a bunny picnic,
visited with her Grammy,
and was traveling the world,
 all before 9:45 this morning.

Which was good, because her Mama was busy cleaning the kitchen.  : )

 Helping her Mother prep enchiladas for dinner.

Though it was raining -it hasn't rained forever!- we supposed that we'd be verra brave and head to Out, anyway. 
(Rain is more of a beckoning than hindrance, truth be told.)

So with lunches packed, camera in tow, raincoats and an umbrella, off we went.
To one of our favorite magical spots.

On the way up...
a bull Moose!

And then to our spot.... 

A snake!!  Maddie spotted it.  I imagine it was a garter snake, as we've seen them here before.  We didn't have our Snake Expert (aka Daddy) with us, and we were too busy hunting His Snakiness to get his picture.
Sorry, Rico!


Mosses and Lichens

 a Banded Woolly Bear!  
(after researching we found out she shall turn into an Isaballa Tiger Moth.)

 Unstaged Love.

After we got home we took a trip to the library to pick up a few treasures.
Then while games were loading, we waited
and read.....

So now we're playing ZooTycoon (The Complete Collection)
My Little Ponies (software)
dinner is in the oven,
and Mama is so excited to check out a library Art book....

and all is
and Right,
so, so Good.

I'm sure we'll be here tomorrow.


  1. Loved seeing all your Maple Leafs. :) We picked up lots today along our street; so pretty when they turn colour. -Debbie

  2. A moose how cool!!! Love it and your great outdoors!!!

  3. ohhhh yeah. you've got autumn, for sure. a bull moose?!?!?!?!? holy wah. that is a treasure to behold. i'm hoping you were viewing from your car...? beautiful beautiful day.

  4. Beautiful nature pics!
    How did you do the magnetic patterns in the previous post?

  5. Sarah -
    We have a jar of iron filings - much like a large spice jar, and we sprinkled them onto a paper, which was lying on top of a small magnet with "north" and "south" poles at opposite ends.
    If you just barely tap the paper once or twice, the filings will show the patterns.
    So cool. : )

  6. You sure know the beautiful places to go.

  7. Thanks you for sharing all the autumn lovliness around you.... beautiful pics.

    My husband keeps telling me there is a moose somewhere in our vicinity but we haven't caught a glimpse yet!

  8. A MOOSE?! Where in the world can you see a moose close to home?? That is amazing!

    I'm slowly resigning myself to the fact that we cannot have eternal sunshine and warm weather. Fall has to come sooner or later.. then followed closely by winter. I can resign myself, but I don't have to like it! ;)

    I am loving the lovely coloring on the mountains though. :)

  9. Melody - we've seen them three places - up on our way to Crystal Lake in the Uintas, there is one living at Silver Lake at Brighton, and this one was up by Little Dell reservoir on the way up East Canyon. :) (If it wasn't a rhetorical question.)

  10. hey there! you guys are always full of fun and learning together. i love that rain is a beckoning for you, love that! well said. and the unstaged love, well that is just too precious :o)


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