Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I forgot to mention this....

Monday evening when we were at the park for the last concert for the summer, Trev and I were walking together.

I looked at him, and thought I'd mention, as I sometimes do, "Your shirt is inside-out.  And backwards."

As you can plainly see in almost all of our daily posts, this is a very usual thing.

"I know."  He says, as he often does.  And then, "I'm starting to consider it to be my personal style."

I smiled.  There you have it.


  1. Funny! We went to the last community concert here last night - such fun!

  2. I am smiling too, cheers Marie

  3. Love it!!! I have one guy and one gal in my gang that will only ever wear odd socks... It takes all types!!!

  4. love!

    for my oldest it's mismatched (aka topsy-turvey) socks that define his own unique fashion sense :)

  5. i love cute. i have two boys so i can truly appreciate this.


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