Monday, August 30, 2010

what's new? a story of Juice.

Since writing Trev's list (things we have on hand or easy access to for investigations and learning), I have been sifting through the fall catalogs and mailers.  Flipping through to look for things we're missing.
Haven't found anything, really.

As usual, when I get to this "stuck" point of not knowing what to do, I eventually remember to take it to the children.
"Anything you want to learn about Bud?  Any classes you want to take?  Like fencing?  Or dance?  Or soccer?  Or karate?"
He thought for a second.  "Skateboarding!!  I wanna learn to ollie and grind and ride the halfpipe!"
His Dad was a street-skate kid twenty years ago.  "Done!!"
So on Friday we loaded ourselves up and went shopping for Juice.
And we found skate shoes.  (Boys size 5 1/2 - he's officially outgrown me, now, if you can believe that.)
And we picked up some great slam pads - knee and elbow.
And now Trev skates every day - has been for almost a week.  And loves it.  And I love having two little skater kids.  : )

 (They're at the very first stages of learning, mind you - mostly finding their stance and balance, and rolling around on the board.)

So, shoppping!
As I said, Friday we were after Juice.
I had the idea that I wanted to spend wisely and conscientiously.

I already said I ordered Family Math.  I checked it out last year from the library (I had to wait like three months, and couldn't renew as the waiting list is always so long), and think it's something that will come in handy for my family.

I also picked up a gorgeous Backgammon set - due to the list I comprised last January via John Bennett and Paul Lockhart.

At our local little upscale toy store, I grabbed up a geography game called The Amazing Mammoth Hunt.  It seems like a good way to learn "where in the world" stuff.  (If you wanna see more about the game, go here.)
Seems to me that between that, Carmen Sandiego, our almost-daily globe questions, and our home-version of Culture Club, we're set in this department!

We have three new canvases, and three new canvas boards.  woohoo!  : )

A new set of our favorite magnifying glasses.  Double woohoo!

A new set of markers for Mama (not fancy ones - though I saw some behind glass that were over two hundred dollars!  Bet I'd like those!!), and two new sets for Madd.  One of the smell-good kind.

Ooooh, we got a Metal Art kit that looks interesting.

And a thick pad of gorgeous scrapbooking paper that will be made into all sorts of lovelies.  (But not a scrapbook.  Sorry.  Blogging is more my style.)

And some blank t-shirts for Trev for doing some freezer-paper decorating.  Looking forward to that!

From Steve Spangler Science we are expecting some Jelly Marbles,
a rheoscopic concentrate (should have lots of fun with that!)
four balloon helicopters
and an AirMazing kit.  Which should be loads of fun.

Aside from a couple of new coloring books - one an especially fine one that is made of transparent "stained glass" sheets, oh! and a pretty big box of new glitter glue, I think that's it!

Some interesting new things!
Not much, but varied enough that added to our shelves we'll be inspired, I think.

Wanna share yours, and your ideas?  See what others are up to?
Link up over at the first list - "A 'Things To Do' Curriculum" - I'll be putting Maddie's list up, soon, and will link it there, too.


  1. o my. o my.o my. Such goodies!

    Will you come to Vermont and take me shopping please?

  2. I'm currently coveting that glow-in-the-dark lotion over at Steve Spangler, the one that will show you how poorly you wash your hands. I have a Crafting a Green World payday coming up after the first of the month...

  3. I'll be really interested in what you think of The Mammoth Hunt game - sounds like something we'd like! and we use Family Math - love it. Do you have shut-the-box? (i think you do..) just got it, and they *beg* me to play....thank you for sharing all of this!! i'll see if i can work up a post about our plans...

  4. We have shut the box...Double's called. Isaac LOVES it.

    What great ideas. Can't wait until you put Madd's list up - she and Isaac are closer in age and I love all your amazing ideas. I'll have to think about his...and see if I can come up with a decent post about our plans. (But then, we never have plans...) -Debbie


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