Thursday, August 12, 2010

wednesday : a friendly sort

today we had an Unschooler's meeting to get to.

first an early picnic lunch
with running

and visiting

and imaginative games

and then a walk to the bottom of the (607 ft) falls.

the place itself is interesting -
(we're yet another state with falls named "Bridal Veil') it's a double cataract waterfall.

there have been a few attempts to tame and mold this wild place - twice officially with commerce -
in 1967 a tram was built to the top - arguably the world's steepest tram lift, and a restaurant was placed at the top, only accessible by helicopter or tram.
Two major avalanches took out the trams through 1996, and no one has tried since.  In July two years ago, a fire burned the remains.
A wild, untamable, beautiful place!

soon it was time for a hike up.
we made it to the steep half-way point.

on the way down Maddie found a fossil -
she has developed an eye for them.

a lovely visit,

and then another -
the babes were off to play with their friends at their house for a little while.

lots more running
and jumping
and imagination games.

eventually I was able to round them up and mine plus an extra one came back to our house to finish up the day's play.

Friend-ly days are good.


  1. Wonderful walk through that untamed wilderness! Love the fossil.

    We think we found an arrowhead in the creek...not sure, though? Until I find out if it's authentic I don't wanna go boastin'. :)

  2. Beautiful waterfalls! We don't have any of those here.

  3. What a place! Simply beautiful. I am in awe that you can just find fossils. That is good stuff.

  4. sound great to me! we love waterfalls! and to find a fossil, what a fun day.

  5. Another post that makes me long for a NH trip!
    Wish you were closer so we could hang out with you unschoolers!

  6. The falls are magnificent. Neat fossil find as well :0)

    I wish I had unschooler meetings to attend. My homeschool group is okay but unschoolers are definitely in the minority :(

  7. Wow, incredible. We have a waterfall in Zimbabwe called Bridal Veil Falls too in a town called Chimanimani!

  8. Love this awesome post - you guys have such fun!!!

  9. I love a good waterfall me :)

    In Scotland we call them Linns. We used to live near two - Reekie Linn and the Linn of Dee.


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