Monday, August 23, 2010


Shall I tell you all about how our day was spent yesterday?
That Trev read for hours and hours,
and that Eric and I spent the day cleaning carpets, and cleaning out under the kitchen sink and behind and under the washer and dryer?
We'll skip it, then....

On to today!!!


  1. lol - sounds clean, though!

  2. I applaud your commitment to cleanliness.

    Fall housecleaning around the corner here too...

  3. It sucks, but some times it's got to be done.

    Re: your Hmmmming post (I've been away and playing catch up)I get that! I get the whole pondering thing.

    I had it today when my friend told me how her schooled daughter will read famous five books and can do maths aimed at 8 year olds.

    I thought of my middle boy, who is the same age (just turned six) and how he can't yet read fluently and can't bear a maths text book.

    Then I stole a glance at him, clicking together the train set for his little brother, and remembered his amazing art, his natural flair for style and how he bakes without needing to read a cook book.

    I wouldn't change him.

    I wouldn't change us.

  4. (Forgot to say - I've bought mancala as an early (!) Christmas present, which is entirely OLM's fault as you make it look very cool!)

  5. It must be done! We just cleaned our dryer out last week - so much lint, I wanted to make paper, but ... whew!


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