Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tuesday ten

Mmmmm, the promise of watermelon popsicles.
The usual way - we just toss watermelon into the blender, then pour it into popsicle molds.
sooo good.

After a couple of piddly and peaceful days - and since Trev noticed the absence of it - we decided to make our friendly "do" list for the day.
I really love learning and exploring this way - the babes are challenged to think of fun things they'd like to do, we all get to choose things that make us happy, and we don't drift along aimlessly, finding ourselves dissatisfied at the end of the day.
We each choose several things, and since these are things we'll all do together, the others get to say, "not today", or "how 'bout this, instead?"
And the list is never mandatory - though we try to do the things that mean the most to us, that we're the most excited about.

Madd wanted a picnic with her animal friends.
It turned out to be "A Lunch Party" - not a picnic.
With flower and butterfly-shaped sandwiches.
and Tea.
and Music.

The Dioramas were up today (Trev's word).
With ketchup painted at particular points for effect.

We tried our hands at hat-making for a little while.  Zoots and Toobs style (or whatever they're called, I can't remember).

Evolution and building were also part of our day.

And Mancala was, too.  Of course.

The plums are falling.

We're gathering and thinking of jams and Plum Brandy.
Well - one of us is.

The corn is calling.

We have had our fingers in our homemade playdough.

And have tested new skills on swings.

Lego StarWars on the wiiiiii.



With Trevelyn as the score keeper.  (No pressure for him to, just asked him if he wanted to.  He did.)
So we can add some math and writing and calculator practice to our day's list.
And practice in patience, for Mama, I must confess.  So slow-moving that they seem to be going backwards games aren't exactly my specialty.  sigh. 

"Art for Mama", says Madd.


Balancing games.


A Breath...
for Mama.

Yeah.  Let's claim it.
Nat King Cole, then...
and Lena and Barbara.
And white linen.

And let's say...
Hearts of Palm and shrimp salad for dinner, hmm?
With a smoked salmon appetizer.
(Hubby is a Chef, remember.  We get to make little requests for bring-home.)
Aaaah, Civilized.

And icecream.

And more zoomorphs
and Jake Long
and I dunno what else for the day.
But I'm thinking a book and a nap is in order after this seemingly bizzy-bees day.

Prob'ly we'll be here tomorrow.
Maybe we'll see you then.


  1. Sounds like a sweet summer day. THere isn't many more summer days like this left to enjoy. sigh.

  2. Watermelon popsicles.Yum! So simple! And yet, I would never have thought of it!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I have been following you for awhile and look so forward to your daily inspiration! I wish I could be as PRESENT of a mother as you are to your children! Your kiddos are so lucky to have you as a mom!! Please keep the nuggets of wisdom coming!!

  4. Mmmm watermelon popsicles! (And a husband who cooks!!! ;))

  5. It feels like Autumn here already, and I'm a little bit sad, little bit pleased.

    Your day sounds dreamy. I think I need to record my doings more again, been a bit lax and I like the record to look back on.

    Watermelon pops sound soooo good.

  6. Yummy popsicle idea - this I'll try that this very day.

    What a great way to "organize" your day, a "to do" list filled with joy, not just chores (which bring joy in their own way, but you know what I mean...)

    Have fun with the plums... didn't you say you built a catapult? I wonder how far they would fly.

  7. Plums, corn and popsicles... sweet days!

  8. Mmmm! Watermelon popsicles - I make watermelon smoothies - and I've even frozen some for winter use...

  9. We do an Activity Box at our house. I fill it up with cool stuff I've found and bring it out in the beginning of the week. I love thrift shops! Just today I spent $32 and came home with things like a Junior Scattergories game, a Batman card game, Tuck Everlasting and the Trumpeter of the Swan, and how to make up secret codes. The kids dig in there and pull out stuff they'd like to do with me. It does give us a shape to our day and, like you said, keep us from being dissatisfied.

  10. Mmmm, need to remember the watermelon popsicles when summer rolls around...


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