Saturday, August 07, 2010


wanna play?

Mancala was first.
certainly it's our current favorite.

Madd and Trev both played with me.

our style.

a couple of new batches of play-dough.

with smell-goods - spearmint oil and tea rose.

we were sculpting and sitting around chatting - talking about a coming vacation, and,
"Hey." said I.  "Wanna play the Lewis and Clark game while we're sitting and talking?"  
Not for any reason other than we were talking about camping and the things we'll see and outlaw trails and hideouts and grand adventures.....

Though it's a simple game, we all like to read the details about the expedition, and the animals and places that we are familiar and not-so-familiar with.  It's never required, mind.
We're just curious.
And interested.

a fait accompli.

evidently Trev decided that it was time - for he claimed it ("got it") today, too.  just goes to show- when we're ready... we're ready.


prehistory.  featuring a new Schleich Baryonyx.

and the thirteen dozen other regular players, of course. 

(wish list making.)

love, loving these hot days with cool late-afternoon showers.

Godzilla et al at the Destruction Zone.

Jake Long.  American Dragon. 
a current favorite.
with The Mama, too-- if that counts.
I'm quite okay with inquiries and investigations about kelpies and gorgons and banshees and vixens and gremlins and gryphons and mountain trolls and unicorns and mer-people and centaurs.  : )

and now....

and now it is a glorious evening -
cool and calm and friendly-like...

we've had our supper
and have filled up all of our various parts, today.

'Cept maybe the parts of us that are reserved just for Icecream.
I think I'll see if the babies would like to go for a walk to fetch some....


  1. Sounds lovely. I love the photos, especially of the blossom in the garden...pea, maybe? Nice shot! Definately.

  2. I love how full and wonderful your days are at home as a family! We enjoy mancala, too. :)

  3. We love mancala here too - and even though our garden failed miserably (no sun, too hot then too cold... a strange year!) we are very much enjoying the wildflowers and the farmer's markets. It's all good!

  4. Gotta keep some room in the tummy for ice cream!!

    Never played Mancala I am quite sorry to confess but I think it may be stashed in the back of the game closet - gotta go look :0)


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