Sunday, August 22, 2010

saturday in august

The babes began their day with drawing chalk art on the trampoline.

I began mine by picking twenty pounds of organic, tree-ripened peaches. 

Soon after we got the playdough, and had some creative fun with that.

Since my thoughts on Spain last night, I've been pondering a sort of "culture club", but home-style, instead of with other homeschoolers.
I had an idea that we could each research aspects of a country that appealed to us - food, habitat, native animals, prehistory, buildings, folklore, games the children play, popular toys, et cetera.
So I gathered my family around, and presented the idea to them.
We decided that it's something we'd like to do. We're starting with England. (Trev chose it initially, and then we spun the globe, and with closed eyes he landed on it - so there you have it.)
Trevy is starting with dinosaurs, Eric is starting with raptors, falconry, and owls, and I am starting with myths and legends.
I guess we'll just take as long as we like - a fortnight or month, maybe, depending on how much we find that interests us.
The key will be for all of us to stay interested and happy in it - I don't want it to become a chore or a burden. (Thus we each choose what interests us to share with the others.) I'm looking forward to it... we'll see how it goes.

imaginary play.

and princesses with swords.

dinosaur research.

day mapping -
lots of interesting things on our list today. : )

building and measuring,
(with one inch blocks)
and then just building.

hybrid making with zoomorphs.

(sheesh it's hot today!)

and playhouse play
and games, games, games.

marble run!

For a couple of weeks now we've meant to do a triple decker- from the patio table, down and around to the chair or a bench, and then down to the ground.  Usually we do three or four tracks - this one is all one line!
Super fun.
Maybe our next project will  be down the stairs.

cannonballs part ii.

reading to little friends

There was a story about Spain - and it's love of music and dancing

and jumping, swimming, and togas...

an' all the rest looked like dinner
and Loves
and peanut butter cookies.

Lastly my three loves -for a little sunset adventure- went for a long bike ride and Explore.

Nothing extraordinary.
all is right
and fine
and good.


  1. OMG, Steph! Great minds! We just started it here, but on a smaller (younger) scale. It started with Ains' interest in flags and it's gone from there to other countries. So awesome! I can't wait to see what you do.

    I've thought of expanding it to our 4H club (the bigoted mother I posted about on Facebook is in our 4H club) in a few months when it starts back up.

    And 20 lbs of peaches!?!? How fantastically yummy.

  2. How good to be picking peaches. Interesting idea, the country explore idea. Great dragon fun and marble runs. Enjoy those sunny days - we are having rain and rain and rain with the sun teasing us once in a while. The weather is a big thing to talk about in England!

  3. Love the culture club idea, especially the part about keeping it in the family so it doesn't become all required and such. We do this in our way too. You could do that with any topic anybody is interested in I think.

    You can tell I'm an 80s girl. You say culture club, I think Boy George.

    Isn't that sad?

  4. The dragony goodness is so cute!

    Benjamin just discovered his marble run in our attic--it somehow found its way up there and methinks it needs to make a return to the downstairs. It is secondhand to was my mama's (made for her by my Pappy).

    Must. Go. Get. It. :)


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