Friday, August 06, 2010

august six

Trev has discovered a game from the BBC - Big Al.
"It's like Oregon Trail!" says he.  (He likes The Oregon Trail.)

 Maddie makes a book.

Summertime is being lived and loved as best and thoroughly we can these days- 
I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye to it.

we've tidied up a bit.
but mostly just thought about tidying up.

we've played water games

picked tomatoes

and made our day's "do" list.


building dragons

Zoo Tycoon

and playing Mancala

(three games for Madd,
one for Trev)
have also been a part of our day.


Big Al
(part II)

pretend play

and movie making.

(Trev is working on a 30-part prehistory film.)


sibling play

Lawdy, it's hot.

play in the water, then.

right now the babes are swingin' up to the treetops -
trying to reach the stars, maybe.


And fine
and good.


  1. I'll have Owen check out Big Al.... always up for a new "puter" adventure.

    The last lingering days of summer are so sweet.

  2. Looks like a good summer day! BTW-I wanted to thank you for tipping me off about the saltwater system. We got one on your advise and love it.

  3. Oh, we are done with summer, but that is because of record mosquitoes and humidity. Can't play outside. Looks like you live in a wonderful place to be able to really enjoy being outside! :)


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