Wednesday, July 14, 2010


netflix movie. 

library story

The Prehistory scenes have expanded.  Instead of just around the mudpit, they're now aaaaaaaalllllll over the backyard.  : )  A herd of stegosauruses over here, a death scene over there...that-away holds a carnotaur eating off of a diplodocus carcass....

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Dinosaur painting (custom, don't you know.)

Art en plein air.

Dinosaur drawing.  (Madeleine)

Dinosaur coloring.  (Madd)

Dinosaur cutting.  (Madd)

Birthday invitations going out.  For next June, I guess.
Funny - she's made two cards, so far, and they both had the attachment (condition?) of  "please be nice..." 


and baseball

 prehistory re-creation
fits of giggles


All by Herself.

"Well... I'm sorry to say (such a sad, sad thing when we have to play in the pool!)... that someone is going to have to get in the pool for me!  I dropped the thermometer!" laments the Mama.
"Don't worry, Mom!  I"ll  get it!" Madd offers. Then, "Is it a Sinker??"
lol.  "Yep - it's a sinker!"

80 degrees outside (at 'bout 6:30),
and 80 degrees in the pool.
Not bad.

So, of course, up next we have
Pool Play!

And Mama sighs and sighs,
(it's a glorious night out on the patio, Friends,)
and decides that a little Barbara, Nat King Cole, and Lena Horne are in order.

Big, big air into the pool.

Mama style.  ; )

[Grin] With not only Barbara in the background while setting the table, but also Little Son in the Afar narrating Prehistory Tales.

Roasted red potatoes with rosemary, wild salmon, and salad from the garden.

What can I say?
Laughin' and romancin' and dancin'.

Life is good.


  1. your posts are always so joyous. I adore that about this blog.

  2. I love the dino scenes and interest you guys always have going. We have an ongoing dino interest still happening. Such happy pictures!

  3. life is soooo good, enjoy sweet mama, enjoy xx

  4. Love the dinosaur scenes! and wow Mama what a feast! I miss all the extra alfresco dining of Summer...such pretty table dressing.

  5. Blogger is having a moment.... so I apologize if this posts twice.

    You have a live out loud life with your adorable and talented children... there. Carry on.

  6. Dinosaurs rock in this house at the moment too, love you continual inspiration...xx

  7. Love the outside dining! Beautiful. (Love your china, too.) Sadly, we can't eat outside here because there are too many bugs. We would get eaten more before we could eat! :)

  8. You guys sure have a lot of games at your house. I love it! We're trying to build up our own collection around here. I'm having some sucesses at garage sales.

  9. A bit of everything. Love those days.

    Beautiful table! And the menu sounds scrumptious as well. Reminds me, I need to get more seed potatoes to plant, something went amiss with ours and we only have a few plants coming up.

  10. Beautiful outdoor dining!


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