Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Maddie started out drawing.

Three-headed Dragon (for Daddy)

Dragonfly (for Mama)

Napoleon (not Bonaparte, Napoleon the dog.  It's a movie).

Mad Science program at the library.

Which was okay... but there was only one thing he demonstated that we haven't done ourselves, and that was looking at an arrow through a clear glass of water.
We weren't sitting center stage, so we couldn't get a good look at it-- but no matter, we know how to do these sorts of things on our own.  : )
The only explanation he gave was that "water bends light", so that was a little disappointing.
But we have a light kit!.... 

Our delivery of our Gears! came today. 

We've been needing another set forever - we have a motorized set, and the motor stopped ages ago, so we've been without a working game.

You know Maddie (the mechanic) loves this one!  (Trev likes them pretty well-ly, too.)

While they were playing I started reading about Light and refraction.
We happen to have clear plastic cups so first I showed them what, exactly, he meant by "water bends light".

Then we played with the arrow - put it several inches behind the cup of water.

Our Light kit (want one? go put your name in the hat) has two forms for making concave and convex lenses, so I just put a bit of water in them (they're for gelatin moldings, but water works, too), and we learned a little more about the behavior of light. (Concave lenses make things smaller, convex ones make them larger.)


Pickin' raspberries.

Gears! again.

Library stories.

Rejuvenation.  Or regeneration.  Same thing, when it come's to a Mama's heart or head.

daisies and catnip flowers and lavender growing near the pond 
and sun-warmed raspberries
and whites on the line and vines heavy with their fruit... aah.

The Three made a whirlpool.  In the pool.
And again. And again and again and again.

Glowing clouds and supper and play and Love.

All is well, then.


  1. Lovely photos; lovely fun.

  2. We have a very basic set of those gears that no one uses any more. My oldest played with them for a while and then lost interest (and several pieces). We've been trying to freecycle them for ages and no one seems to want them. I'd be happy to send them on to you if you're interested in acquiring more.

  3. Fun - the gears look awesome!

  4. Raspberries. Yum.

    We have a set of those gears that I got for free back when Hannah was an infant. No interest so far here. I should pull them out again...

  5. I think my Emily would LOVE those gears! What a great day.

  6. Awesome Spider it!!!

  7. fabulous dragonfly and raspberries! I think your kiddos have more fun exploring at home than just watching the scientist guy. What lucky children they are to have a momma like you!

  8. I really love our free library programs. They also have awesome science programs at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

    I've been looking for a Gears set for my son, but they've cost a little bit too much right now on Amazon. Do you have a place you go for really cool homeschool resources that are at a reduced cost? I can sometimes find good stuff used on Amazon or E-bay, but I'd like a place where I could just do random searches for things I might not have thought up on my own.

  9. Chris - this new one I got for free from CSN Stores.
    The other they got as a present a couple of winters ago.

    Lots of our art supplies and things have come from Discount School Supply - as for our games (like Blokus) I just waited 'til it was on sale. It's expensive! (or at least I thought so - over $25.)


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