Friday, July 16, 2010


Maddie began her day with coloring dinosaurs for a picture album she's creating.
We now have an outstanding gallery on our refrigerator door. (Er... all from today.)
Trev and I began ours with Twelfth Night.
First the story,
then the film.
Love that!  And love that Trev will read (and laugh) and watch with me!

More dino coloring/invitations/cards art for Madd.
And more Prehistory 'scapes for Trev.

Built it,
then played -
JarJar launches into the pool!

And lego dudes.
Large marshmallow?


Making the game pieces for Mon S'hi Mo Ut.  A game played by the Cheyenne Indians.
House building.  (All that glue and -wooden pieces and "making" put her in mind of a house, I guess.)

Shrek research and love for the Star Wars friends - ie another trip to the drive-in.

Playing Mon S'hi Mo Ut.  (From Play With Us - 100 Games From Around the World.)

You only get points (added or taken away) for particular combinations, so this was rather vexing at times.
"The indian children must have played this game for hours.  You'd think they'd want something... a little more... I dunno.... positive!?!"  says Trev.   lol.
It took us half an hour to get to three sticks! 
We did laugh over the odds - I kept getting one of the two losing combinations (minus one stick) - I scored the same stones five out of seven tosses! 

More Prehistory 'scapes.

an' more research.
an Star Wars play.

Flyin' (or tryin' to)

the heart's banner.
What can I say??  She is A Pirate Gril, too.

A Mama/babies swim.  
Love those!

 Music and friends and dinner al fresco and candlelight and lovely, lovely (grown up) Girl Talk.  'Til almost midnight.

Certainly that will do.


  1. My favorite version of Twelfth Night was on PBS at something like 3am when I was in high school. Helen Hunt was in it - possibly a live filming of the play. It was amazing. Of course, this is all from memory as I've never been able to locate a copy of it. :/

  2. What a lovely and full summer day! I love the game...please tell us more! I have been thinking about catapults lately...castles and catapults. I am not sure whether to make one ourselves or one of the kits. That one looks very sturdy!
    What is she building with? Some sort of plant stems?

  3. Eidolons -
    I was curious, and checked...
    It was on PBS live at Lincoln Center, and it's actually on YouTube. (I watched the last part of it.)
    It's here.

  4. LOVE Trev's comment...and the flag. Pirates rock. -Debbie


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