Sunday, July 25, 2010


vroom vroom.
first thing we were off for a family-bike-ride.

to the park, amigos!
but wait.  that one's (apparently) under construction.  hmm.
no matter!  we'll just go home and pack up a picnic and head to another!
oh!  that one, too!  ??
: )

to home, then, and....

a picnic lunch on the front lawn

research for Mama.
Art.  via Drawing With Children.

swimming.  you know it.  (why else have a pool in the backyard? especially when temps are in the mid-nineties!?)

letters and numbers

research on the mouse lemur (Madagascar)
the aye-aye (from Madagascar)
and the hippopotomus

Lewis and Clark Exploration card game

JumpStart 3rd Grade
another robot found!

a new batch of bubble solution


Go!  Diego, Go!  123.

a little Carmen Sandiego : Treasures of Knowledge

Grandma's (that would be my grandma) Peanut Butter Cup "Cookies".
think - sans the "cookie" part.  oof.  Thanks Aunt Kathy.  Again.

double-time on the end-of-the-day neighborhood bike ride.  : ) 

whoooooeee!  hills are hard work!
so Swim!

and dinos in the sandbox.

well.  let's call that Good (as in "Done"), shall we?
fine by me.

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  1. Blimey. Don't you ever need a lie down!

    Your days are so action packed!!

    I took your ideas for Juice and ran with it - I've been buying little bits and pieces and squirreling them away. Then, when there is a pause, I produce them.

    The most recent a mini sketching set for OD. She's spent most of the past few days learning how to sketch and is getting pretty good.

    Keep up the good (inspiring) work!


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