Saturday, July 03, 2010

summer daze

We're definitely living in the thick of summer!

The last couple of days have looked like sleep-over play

and icecream cones

and swimming suits.

We've oohed over little cucumbers,

sweet-talked the raspberries,

and smiled at the blackberry flowers.

We've had the last of the birthday shopping trips

and the birthday lunch.

We've played waaay up north and learned How To Train Your Dragon,

and have researched it, too, and have even watched it again at home.

We've played with Kronosaurs in the pool

and MarioKart while lying on the floor in a family pile.

We're reading

and window shopping online for Juice

and mastering the Swim.

We're barbecuing,

lighting fireworks,

and living and breathing outdoors.

Two days of lazy and hazy.
We'll take it.


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