Saturday, July 24, 2010


the day started for me with helping Trev - he wanted to paint his Monolophosaurus.
that set the tone for the day, I guess, for there were many Create! projects to follow.

there was a picnic on the grass

and play in the playhouse.

there was art created with foam pieces,

and there were water color projects,

and drawing projects,

and paperboat creations.

there was swimming
(of course)

and imaginary games of Mario,
and Diego
and Prehistory.

There was a fair - with roller coaster-

and skeletal assembly

and a tea party.

More Prehistory,
(in the mud, in the sandbox, on the grass),

more Paint

and more tea (with real cookies, grapes, and cherries, this time).

Dino Squad on the wiiiii/netflix (that would be the girls)
and Jurassic Park Operation : Genesis for the boys.

duck, duck, goose on the trampoline.

creating puzzles.

- their daddy's here... must swim and pretend that they cannot hear him from all this fun and splash and noise -

Friends go.  Eventually.

To the garden for supper trimmin's then

American Dragon
a story for Mama.

 'nilla pudding

and lastly a neighborhood bike ride
(for a little end-of-the-day exercise).

and now, we're for quiet
and peace
and rest.

that's all, then.
and that will do.


  1. Can we stop by??
    You all have the best days! :D

  2. I love your tags for your posts. Simply 'Creating' and 'Imagining'.


  3. Wonderful day.. and oohhh I wish I couldhave a pool like yours! Not sure it's wise with the british weather tho.. inspite of the heat wave we've enjoyed this summer. :-)

    Love your blog :-)

  4. I especially love the photo in the playhouse of them having tea with the stuffed animal in the chair with them. So sweet. Guess I miss those little girl tea party days.

  5. This entry could easily be an entire picture book - a lovely bedtime story of a wonderful day ending with peace and happiness.

    :) love it - of course!

  6. I just love their playhouse. I want one big enough for me. And I want it to be pink!

  7. I saw this and thought you might want to see it and possibly pass this on to Trev (though he's likely already seen it):


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