Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Madd started her day with her faery puzzle.

Trevy and I started ours by playing a few rounds of Subtrax.

It had been a few days since I had gotten out the Play With Us : 100 Games From Around the World book, so I did some perusing of that to see if there was something fun for us today.
I found Auale', a version of  Mancala from West Africa and the Antilles, and so sighed, and yet again tried to learn how to play.
Which took me to the online game after a while, and I finally figured it (the online version) out.  woohoo!  It's only taken me six months,  : / ,  as none of the directions have ever made sense to me.  But now I can play with the babes!

We played a game from the Phillipines called Buwan, Buwan, which means Moon, Moon, on the trampoline.
You draw a large round circle, and put a cross into it, dividing it into a four-pieced pie.  Whoever is It must stay on the lines while she tries to tag a player.  Whoever is caught is the next It.

'Course, this brought to mind new games for Maddie, and she asked her Daddy to play Draw, Play with her - she made that one up the last time we played new games from the book.
Let me just say that Draw, Play is a really great game - it's perfect for Littles, as you get a clue both from their drawing, and then again by their acting it out and making noises.  It's usually possible between the two to figure it out.  And it's really fun!
The game soon turned to prehistoric creatures, and sure enough, Trevelyn got in on that action.

Trev was wowed by his Dad's version of a Tyrannosaurus, so I went inside to get a book we have called "How To Draw Prehistoric Animals".
It's nice to have things around.  

With Trevelyn.
Over lunch.
So glad that I finally learned how to play!
Next up to learn??  Go.

Swim.  As if.

Time to get ready to go!
To the park!... to meet Cousins

and to see dancers from Sudan and to watch and hear some Barundian drumming.

Add in some dark clouds and one or two rainy sprinkles, and we have a terrific way to end a wonderful summer's day.

I'll take it.
And say that Life is so, so good.


  1. I love the way connections between different things occur so naturally. You played some games from Africa (I think!) recently, and then you were able to see African dancing. And yet, I'm sure, you never even planned it out that way. I love how life works!

  2. I know what you mean about the directions for Mancala being confusing, but once you play it is simple that even my then 5-year old can play it. It is fun. I have to get Subtrax next I think.

  3. Oh, Go! My son learned how to play that on the iPhone, and then wanted to make a 3-D 'real' version to play at home, so we have a guide to play it.

  4. We play a lot of board games, but nearly always incorporate our own rules based on the ages and abilities of players. Makes it more fun!


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