Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I started out my day looking through our library book Play With Us - 100 Games From Around the World.  Our first game to try out was Turbo - a game with tops that the ancient Romans played.
You draw a large(ish) circle, and make uneven pie slices in it with  numbers - 1 being the biggest section, and 10 being the smallest.  You decide to what score you're playing towards, and spin your tops (taking turns) and see who gets to the winning score the fastest.
Maddie and I played for a while - I kept landing on 1!

"Can't I make up a game?"
"Of course!" says her Mama.
"Okay.  This is called Number Bash.  You draw a number in a square, then you jump on it - and whatever number you jump on is how many points you get!"
 We played for a while, and then...

"And now Draw, Play!"  Which of course meant we had to draw something, then act it out, and the others had to guess what we were.  (tree, cat, dog, lion, elephant, flower, giraffe, lion)

Trev was out now, and he played a few rounds of Turbo with us.

Peep videos!
And Shrek "behind the scenes" videos.

New game.
Sigoga de Tusco.  This one's played by the Nubian people in Sudan and Egypt.

Two players start on either side of the board, and moving anywhere, try for three in a row in a different place than where they began.

Fun!  (Several rounds of this one.)

And then a couple of rounds of Jam huay - "Tigers That Cross the Lake".  This one comes from Thailand.
It's a leap frog sort of game, with "The Lake" sitting in five different positions (reminding me of yoga positions - and indeed, one of them -"Lake with Stones"-  is Child's Pose) and the Tigers jumping over the lake.  The Tiger becomes The Lake if he touches the Lake while jumping.

Game making.  (She's inspired today, I guess.  : )  )

A board game with questions -

 (these are question marks between the lines)

"Do rainbows have two colors... or more than two colors?"
"Do puppies have big feet, or small feet?"
"Do you have all the rainbows in the world?"  ("No.  Other people have rainbows, too." is the answer.)
"Question...  How does the rainbow get up in the sky?" "Uumm...."  : )   I got it right....

An' swimmin'.

   "Misfits on their way to the movie," says Trev.
(Jar Jar, Watto, and an r2 unit [ 4k17??  Some such thing.])

And then a bit of Relax- and Recuper-ation
read: computer play for one, catching up on the blog for another, and a movie -for a minute- for the last one.
Um - or so I thought.... turns out that they were really treating some little friends to tickets to the drive-in theater to see Shrek 3...

: )  (I really, really love these babies.)

So, Mama....
sneaking away to the pool for a little solo Hottest-Day-of-the-Year-So-Far swim??

Time to get ready to go to the park.
 circa 1905!

And bonus!  Friends, too.

Khemera Dancers - Cambodian Dance

  Kenshin Taiko Group - Japanese Drumming

Different from last week's cheerful and fast-moving performances, but still enjoyed.
'Specially with friends, icecreams, and snowcones.

Let's all sing it together, shall we?
Life... is... SO good!
Dude.  You know it.


  1. I wish we had park/concert/thingies like that around here. I suspect my boys would go wild. (:

  2. aww the little friends watching shrek is too adorable..I love their imaginations! It's supposed to be a whole week of rain here, so some new board games sounds like a great idea.

  3. That sounds like an awesome book. It's going on my list right now!

  4. I LOVE the drive-in picture. How brilliant.

  5. All of those games sound like so much fun! We'll have to try some!

  6. You have been having fabulously super days!

  7. Fantastic book recommendation! Gonna see if our library has that one...


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