Tuesday, July 06, 2010

monday, monday

a most delicious day, to be sure.
the first half of the day was spent in drifting, quiet, lovey, kissy ways -
reading encyclopedias,
tidying up,
getting acquainted with other languages (through Language Club software),
resting and drifting and talking together.

eventually we were blown softly into the direction of the park.

our Monday Concerts in the Park were beginning, and this first one was one we wanted to see!
there was a family playing Tejano (Tex-Mex) music called the Rio Bravo Family Show, so we lazed and swayed and picnicked there on a prime spot on our blanket on the grass - every once in a while hearing or calling out an ai-ai-ai!

the second part of our concert was Voice of Africa.  African music and dancing is a favorite for all of us in my family, so we were happy and enthralled.

we saw a paraglider,
ate snowcones,


and finally! met with a real-life icecream truck.  (ours doesn't come down our street, and we're always to late to catch it on our "main" neighborhood street.)

we got to see our beloved park under seige -
a few weeks ago (unbelievably) there was a horrible oil spill in one of our canyons - for some reason no one was aware that oil was spraying into our river for hours and hours, and of course it had a devastating affect upon our wildlife and city.
so seeing this, of course, let to a long discussion upon the gulf disaster, and preservation, and taking responsibility for protecting the earth, and ecosystems, and food webs and chains, and the circle of life.  there were tears and anger and feelings of guilt and philosophies shared and offered.
i would not have chosen for today tears and intense (and prolonged) emotions, but this, too, is a part of life, hmm?

and summertime rolls.


  1. Life is full of highs and lows, that concert sounds cool, cheers Marie

  2. We've had a local spill, too. But not of the oil variety. :(

    One of our local playgrounds has a lovely little brook running through it--it's teeming with minnows & bullfrogs. Probably not anymore, though...

    Teenagers tipped a *full* port-a-potty down over its bank...filling the brook with human waste & chemicals.

    So sad. :(

    On a pleasant note, I love the photos of the concert--wonderful!

  3. Oh, concerts in the grass! Fun.

    We have had those discussions here too - my oldest gets so angry at any injustice, unfairness, neglect or mistake. He loves the world so passionately it is hard to just discuss while something so horrific continues...to feel helpless at something far away, but that will affect everyone on earth. But much needed discussions too...

  4. I hope that our children and their generation don't lose their focus on the environment as they grow.

    I am so aware of how they are going to be the ones clearing up several generations of mess making.

    Makes me sad, but I really think change is round the corner...

  5. I settled in for a nice long visit since I have been remiss about keeping up with my blog friends and loved ones lately. I found lovely photos, precious little ones, fun times. And happy birthday to the kidlets! Hugs for everybody!


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