Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a funny

So her Mama is in total scrub mode today (and loving it!) - scrubbin' high shelves in the kitchen, washing walls, cleaning out containers, washing the fridge...

and the children know I'm Madly (and joyfully) cleaning.

They also know that I want to super-shine their bedrooms while I'm at it (I'm totally taking advantage of this super-speed energy I have and being sooo grateful for it),
so I asked Madd how her room was coming.
She hasn't really been in there.
"It's good."
I smiled.  "Is it?  Is it ready for me to shine up and vacuum?"  It's been a nightmare, pretty much.
"I'll go see..."
She comes back in just a second....
"Well", slightest pause, "It's pretty much the way I want it!" 

Good enough for her, I s'pose.


  1. Who says it's just adults that are stuck in their ways. :) Lovely of you to honour her space. You are such a good mama. xo -Debbie

  2. I applaud you for using your extra energy for scrubbing.... it is just way too hot here for me to lift a mop... LOL.

    Maddie is a dear.

  3. Haha! Well, you can't argue with that!! Dylan's room is pretty much the same way. There is a method to the chaos :)

  4. Yep, same here. He goes to get the room in order, ready for me to do a general dust and vacuum. He doesn't come back, has lost himself amongst all those Transformers and insects he keeps all over the place!

  5. I had a blissful couple of hours yesterday, deep cleaning the sitting room as the good man took all four children on an epic bike ride.

    I dusted, mopped, hoovered, rearranged, cleared and tidied to my little hearts content and it was awesome!!


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