Tuesday, July 20, 2010





fresh, clear blue water

pool volleyball

a speckled robin (which means a youngling)

Little Golden Books.
Do you still love -with your soft heart- Little Golden Books?

"So, Mom." Leads in Little Son.  Didn't see it coming. Again. "How is it, exactly, that a couple decides to have a baby and get pregnant?  Is it just that they... decide, and the body follows suit, and it happens?"  I'm pretty sure this was his exact (or very close) wording.
I answered something like, "Well..."  oof, "Some people mate purely for the purpose of reproduction, and others mate just because it feels good to them.  When you find someone you love (it's a different sort of love than the way a family loves eachother), you want to be really, really close to them..."

practicing patience.  (Poor Annabelle gets roped up or around at least once  day.)


duck, duck goose.

apples to apples (junior)

mosquito study

rope swing

head stands

family bikeride...

and all is well.


  1. oh goodness. i am ALWAYS blind-sided. i was reminded the other day of the response, "well, hmm, what do YOU think happens?" - it sometimes makes it clear just how much they want to know and buys me a little time...the whole concept of sex without reproduction is a can of worms (so to speak) that we have managed to avoid so far! it won't be long...our recent "ooof" has been our littles throwing around the word "sex", having heard it from the teenagers in a family we are often with...aiyaiyai...had to explain that it wasn't *quite* the same thing as a good snuggle...so innocent and so eager to know and use new words and ideas...

  2. Fun conversation! :) Love his phrase-ology.

    That flower/raspberry combo must have smelled amazing.

  3. With my soft heart I love Thumbelina, Saggy Baggy Elephant and Roly Poly Puppy. Think I'll have to locate mine for today. . .

  4. They do so know how to keep us on our toes :)

  5. Oh my...Isaac asked me this the other day - and he's four (almost.) Man...I was not quite sure what to say. I mean, using language (and ideas) that he would understand at four. Thanks for some help with that. :)


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