Wednesday, June 16, 2010



explorin' - with a magnifying glass

dinosaur mud puddle

next three chapters of Mrs. Frisby.


aphids under magnifying glasses

Grammy Love


sandbox play

bubble wrap


At the library yesterday I picked up three books I thought would be interesting-- Actually, Factually by Guy Campbell, Really, Really Big Questions by Dr. Stephen Law, and The Book of When by Laura Jaffe'.
Today we looked some at The Book of When - I told the children to stop me when they heard a question that they thought was interesting.  Turned out, everything was!  : )
Here's what we've learned so far....

When was chewing gum invented?
When does an artist become famous?
When will pigs fly?
When will I fall in love?
When did painters start using paint brushes?
When did people start looking at themselves in the mirror?
When was the first sandwich made?
When did we learn to interpret dreams?
When do we make a wish?
When do volcanoes erupt?
When was Coca-Cola invented?
Lots more to go!

spinnin' jacks.

Dinos en mud,
and storytelling.

craftin' and creatin'

more Peep.  (love Peep.)

more creatin'.

cold front moves in.
soup's on!
(Tortilla.  Went to make it the other day-- only to find I was out of onions!)

Supper and a movie now.  The Secret of Nimh!  :)

All is well, then.
And fine and right.


  1. Oh oh oh... I didn't know he had freckles. I Love the freckles :)

    That book sounds great!

  2. Sounds like a great book!! I'll have to look for it so that I know the answers. :)

  3. onions are so important aren't they! Mike told me one time that he loved when my groceries I brought home included lots of onions b/c he knew it meant some yummy food was in the making :o) The sand box reminded me to pick up some sand for ours..looks like a lovely windsday.

  4. BLISS!! :)

    I have to check into those books! It sounds like something Dylan would love to see!

    A pool seems like a necessity down here this time of year. It is sweltering out! But, the good news are those big thunderstorms in the evening that give us quite a lightshow!

    Life is good...and all is well!

  5. ahhh, all fun and lovely and wonderful. sounds like a fun book!

  6. Oh send us some summer, it looks wonderful and we are freezing over here!!!


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