Saturday, June 05, 2010


hullo there, Summer....



  on top.



living out of doors.


so nice to meet you.


  1. How gorgeous...your life - all of it. I wish I was closer to share in it with you. :) -Debbie

  2. Oh fun, fun, fun - love it!!!

  3. Just looking at that makes me take a deep breath and relax - - so good.

    I just love those dinosaurs. They have quite the life!

  4. Penny - lol. They've seen lots of action this last week!!

  5. Love it! Looks lovely and so very relaxing!!

  6. Looks like lots of fun is being had at your house! :)

  7. Summer summer summer. You've captured it. Here's living outside for the next few months.

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have been reading your blog from Tiff's child play.
    It's a joy to the eyes and heart to see your snaps.

    I try to include all yours unschooling principles and freedom to explore while I guide my kids . They both go to school . But thanks to you all I am able to bring them up as wholesome individuals and not just as students .

  9. Just look at that great pool. What a summer you all will have with that new addition. Good to see the welder at work and hope he enjoyed his beer! I always love your dino shots - they do have a great time. Our dinos have been out and about recently too. My boys made a desert triassic scene and a separate jurassic scene with a great swamp. After lots of dino play, they stripped off and became the dinos wallowing in mud..

    Happy summer days!

  10. Happy summer! We're enjoying ours as well. :)

  11. you take beautiful pictures! My mouth started watering over that pineapple and I could feel the crispness of the newly filled pool! Enjoy!

  12. So I see you have made your pool purchase. Looks like you guys are in for a lot of fun.

  13. Your pool is awesome. My boys would love it but one that size would take over the whole garden!

    Happy Swimming.

  14. kellyi -
    oh, it does!!
    Sanford & Son.
    I'm tellin' ya.

  15. Pure Summer Fabulousness!

  16. So many warm summer things...and great pool! Wow what an's sure going to see some action in the coming days!

  17. That is a HUGE HUGE pool! Sweet! :)


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