Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm thinking in terms of "Totally" today - so let me just say....

Totally loved today!
We went back for a longer visit to This Is the Place Heritage Park.
I learned soooo much!  So many fascinating and wonderful things.
Traipsed around (for about six hours) in the sun and heat
was totally interested in what the People-in-the-Know had to say, and was really, really good (and comfortable) at asking questions and finding out about intriguing historical happenings.
I didn't ask for anyone else's benefit - ie, wasn't asking so's I could 'teach' anyone anything- but guess who was there, interested, and learning right beside me?  Suh-weet.

First stop was the Restaurant/Hotel.  We got to play and explore upstairs while we waited for our food.
Whiskey, anyone?

We learned that since most folks couldn't read (and especially English), proprietors advertised by putting things on the roofs or outside of their shops - in this case a chair on the roof.
There was also a coffin outside... everyone would know this was a cabinetry shoppe.
The children got to see how tools and machinery worked, and spin a big wheel (the apprentice's job) to turn the awl (?? is that right?) so the craftsman could carve spindles from square blocks of wood.
They also got to shave and use the vices.  Very interesting!

The Apothecary.

(and small general store next door.) 


The banker/postmaster.

The children panned for gold -
upon finding their share, they took it to the bank - which had a sign posted outside saying "We Buy Gold".
They were given something very valuable in trade... pieces of taffy!

This house was interesting - the middle is a "common" area - on either side are the wife's bedrooms.
Each had their own private outside entry!  (Two wives. ahem.)

The women's hospital.
A lovely building, actually... if you don't mind the wooden surgical table and clumsy saws that are rather frightening.
The cost of staying?  $7 a week.

You can have your wheat or corn milled at the grist mill - he'll charge you 25% of your fare.

The barber/dentist.
He had some very pretty tools.  : /  And a jar of leeches!


A storyteller.
She was mending teepee covers.

Hearth and home.

Maddie loved doing laundry.

This is the Deseret flag.
Utah was  a territory - the war with Mexico had not been fought yet.
Brigham Young made up a "Deseret Alphabet", as the English language is so very complex, and many, many of the pioneers were Scandinavian or Norwegian.  It took for a few years - until the railroad came through, and many more people moved westward.


Elsewhere in the schoolhouse...
I don't know why I always love school houses so much, but I do!  They're one of my favorite buildings.
(Old ones, not modern ones, mind you.  :)  )
Schools were attended in winter and summer - in spring and autumn, children were needed at home for planting, and then harvesting.


Our time eventually ran out, and we finished up with play. 

A very, very cool day!


  1. What a wonderful day you must have had! That looks like SO much fun. I can't blame you for going back and enjoying yourself again. I loved seeing it.

  2. I love places like this--always have. There are always filled with such great artifacts and interesting people. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  3. Wow!

    I totally loved your day, too! :)

  4. what an amazing day! panning for gold looks like a lot of fun. especially when there is taffy involved!

  5. Wow, that looks totally awesome - I just love the ice cream shot!!!

  6. Awesome. Looks like a great field trip!

  7. Oh - I love historical villages like that...

  8. It's great when places like this are hands on - no velvet ropes to stay behind and " just look."

    Your photographs are amazing! Love the flag and all those beds lined up in row.

  9. I feel like I'm there, all of the photos are so great! how cool you got to pan for gold too.


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