Wednesday, June 16, 2010


yesterday was a piddling and puttering day.
hmmm... we've had a few of those lately, haven't we???

we're just puttering through life right now - the rains have come off and on.  it's been cool, with tiny bits of warm here and there.
our time is spent tidying up outside, hanging laundry, tending to gardens.

life looks like lots of computer, small bits of wii play, and lots of Birthday planning.

Eric has next week off, so we're trying to get things ready for a week of play.  I imagine next week will include lots of grand explorations, so we're quite alright with these quieter days.

yesterday looked Dinosaur World
Clifford reading games
bits of pool play
Zoo Tycoon research (the first one, with Dinosaur Digs we already have the second)
vacation planning
the first three chapters of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh (my childhood copy, thank you)
and a bike ride to the neighborhood library.

slow and piddling.

and now on to today...
who knows???  : )


  1. I do know how Maddie loves her some birthday planning! :D
    enjoy your day xo

  2. Slow and piddling are good. :)

    Good luck on Today!♥

  3. We love Nimh! and our weather has been a crazy roller coaster so far - hoping summer will be - well - summer...

  4. SO much computer time here lately as well. I love piddly days. I think they are secretly my favourite. Enjoy you time toether next week. xo -Debbie

  5. Did you ever read Silver Crown (same author). That was my favourite.


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