Tuesday, June 08, 2010

tuesday eight

Oh, let's see.
Swimmin'.  O' course.

And Mama spent a good chunk of time putting together our motor boat....
to no avail.
' Could be dead batteries, could be that I did something wrong.  Hmmph.

Next!  We tried an art project...
black watered acrylic paint over oil pastels.  (To be scratched off.)
Yeah, well... that one didn't work either.

Thankfully the rest of the day we can count as successful play!  :)

Godzilla on the table,
which led to dinos in the sandbox.
Which led to volcanoes and gases in the sandbox.

'Til the vinegar was gone-- as usual!
Then it was back to Godzilla again.

Movies and skits - The Lion King 1 1/2 is the favorite the last couple of days for both of them.

How many kids fit on a school bus?
This was a debate between my babes and I a few days ago.
Er - actually it happened when we pulled up to a favorite disco/skating/arcade/bouncing place of ours, and saw three school buses in the parkinglot.
Uh oh, thought the Mama. This can't be good.
 It wasn't.  At least-- wasn't to the 'Expecting To Have A Completely Different Experience With Her Babies That Afternoon' Mama that afternoon.
We left that day.  With promises, of course.
Anyway.  Today Trev asked again something about "kids" and "school buses", so we looked it up.  Who would have thought that it varies so?  Still, I think my estimation of approximately 80 seems a pretty good guess.

 Very tricky!!  It's hard to stay up on these things!

And egg sacs and busy and scurry.

For some fun and play on the patio together, Mama fetched a few things from downstairs.

So we made up some new games today...

First we played with weight measurements,
and estimating.

We played Mystery Garden.

We played a dice/adding game,

and made up a new geo-board shape game.
For this one, one person called out a shape (for whoever's turn it is), and another calls out a number.
ie - a challenge for Maddie would be "Triangle - two!"
Which meant she had to build a triangle with two rubberbands.

This was actually a really great thinking game, as there are many ways to interpret how it can be done.
I helped a little at first to show the children different ways, but they quickly caught on.
Trev challenged me with "Circle - Seven!"
and it was actually pretty hard and took me a few tries!  :)
Great game, if I may say so.


 And finally Daddy is home and up for some fun swimmin' and acrobatics.
woohoo.  : )

All is well here.


  1. phew! whatta day!! as usual you all are bizzy as.

  2. Busy day again I see!

    (When you get a moment, I am confused about the whole Jurassic Park game. I think we picked up a cheap copy here but we have NO IDEA what to do as there were no instructions. Any pointers?)

  3. I love game days. You guys play so many cool games with your geo-board. We really have to get one soon.

  4. It certainly seems that all is well. I am always amazed at what you guys seem to pack into one day. No down time for you guys!

  5. Oh, we have loads of down time!
    Usually a couple of times a day... and once a week or so all day! :)
    Maybe their "down" looks different.
    Pool, Jurassic Park computer game, dinos in mud, sandbox, bike rides, chalk, painting...
    Maybe that's why... maybe things seem "busy", but really it's just "living". Doing what we love. :)

  6. So wonderful to spend your days doing what you love, isn't it??

  7. And to top off all of that loveliness, I noticed that your roses are blooming! I'm so excited for you and hope to get some blooms myself soon. :)

  8. It sounds like a fun day, full of learning...and it looks so nice and warm where you are! I'm looking forward to pool weather in Seattle. It's not even close yet.


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