Monday, June 07, 2010

sunday the sixth

[snap!] And just like that we're in Summer.

we made paints.

watermelon, when blended, makes most excellent popsicles.

I'm fairly certain these babes will be swimming by the end of this summer.

in the water with her Mama.

and later her Daddy.


  1. Fun! We have been back to cool gray and rainy with funnel clouds...hoping for some summer soon! :)

  2. Yeah for summer time fun, cheers Marie

  3. My two boys and I have just lazed it out here as well. :) Enjoy your summer!

  4. what a perfect Summer you are having! Love the photos!

  5. Enjoy your summer! Love the fire shot.

  6. That bay girl is so tan. And so very happy, all the time. I sure do miss her. Can't wait for our next trip to Utah.
    By the way, we really want a pool, too. But the insurance company says no.
    I want to do you get away with a pool and a tramp? I've called every insurance company in the nation and not one of them cover tramps.

  7. Is someone suing your imagined pool?

    Other than that, I assume you're asking a rhetorical question.

    I worry far more about the giant tree that hangs over the neighbor's car. And evidently that's covered by their insurance.

  8. Lovely photos. Thanks for the taste of warm weather- it's freezing cold here in Australia right now. Nice to see some colours! xo m.

  9. Right now we don't have either, but plan to get a tramp. I called and they said that if we have a pool or a tramp, and make a claim (for any reason), the claim will be denied if they find out we have a tramp. But we're taking the risk. And the can only be a certain size, otherwise our premium goes up like $600.00 if we add it to our homeowners. But we live right across the street from a lake, so we'll be swimming there a lot this summer.
    We'll get around those stupid rules one way or another!!

  10. I don't worry about it.
    We've had our insurance longer than we've had either (over seven years) and we've never made any claims.
    I figure neither pools or trampolines are illegal - and regardless of what people say, ours has been played on for four years solid now, with only one injury. I figure those are some pretty good odds!! Could happen in trees or bike rides or running....


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