Saturday, June 12, 2010

saturday in june

As usual, one thing leads to another.

Yesterday while driving we were listening to Multiplication Vacation.  Kangaroo Didge (9's) is about life in Australia.  That began a conversation about how so many strange animals come from Australia.  Marsupials, lots of different monitors, etc.  Naturally, Trev started naming all of the strange animals he could think of from down under.
Of course the list began with "Platypus!" and a discussion about what sounds they make.  "Koala!"  "Kangaroo!"  "Wombat!"  "Monitor Lizard!"  "Frill-Necked Lizard!"
"Really!?  The frilled-neck is from Australia?" asked his Mama.
And on it went.
We also pondered how much space writing out a Googol would take.

Aah... two things for our list today, then!

Sure enough, before even rising all the way this morning, we were doing research on Australia's animals.  Aah... the Tasmanian Devil!  How could we forget that?!  And some forgotten ones like the Dugong and Sugar Gliders (which the Cousins have). And a few new ones... Thylacine and the Cuscus.


 "Mom... do you know how to write 'This is For Everyone'?" she asks as she sweeps her hand across the dishwasher.
It always makes me smile, as this is how Trev began his reading, too.
Messages.  Dividing words into syllables.  Arranging letters on the fridge, and asking, "What does this say?"

 making maracas, guitars, a kazoo, a flute, and a drum

Game research for one
and Animal Genius for the other

and a Googol!

' Turns out it doesn't take up quite an infinite amount of space to write it out!  : )

Jumpin'.  With the papa.

More research.

Readin'.  (An encyclopedia.  ; )  )

Love letters to her Daddy.

Cake's in the oven.

Knights 'n dragons

Makin' more music - whistlin' tubes!

Bedtime Stories (Netflix.)


Tormenting a brother.

Aaah, cake's done.
(Carrot cake is my very favorite, and this is the first one I've ever made.  Let's hope it's good!)

And now I s'pose we'll have a few more hours of the like...
Round and round we go...
Where we'll stop, nobody knows!

Good enough.


  1. Oh the music photographs are totally awesome - love them!!!

  2. Oh we did the googol thing just the other day! I love that you all tried to write it out, I may have to show this to the boys tomorrow and try it ourselves! I have so much trouble answering those "infinity" and "googol" questions meaningfully!

  3. um...that cake is making me drool while i'm sitting here in my hot kitchen in my nightgown with not a crumb of it in sight. i HOPE it's as good as it looks!!!!

  4. Oooh! That carrot cake looks delish!!

    It looks like another great day! (when did they get on the tramp w/o rain?! it has been non-stop here!)

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy cake, yummy day!
    there's lots of intrestin' creatures down here that's fer sure. there are also loads of birds and plants you'll find no where else. unfortuantely they are all so shy. we've seen very few wild indigenous animals since moving here almost a year ago.

  6. I was searching for some multiplication tunes - we'll check out the vacation one you mentioned.

    IN LOVE with your roses..... sigh.

    Carry on !!

  7. The pictures of the flowers are incredible! Seriously frame worthy! And was the cake as delicious as it looked?! We are big fans of carrot cake here, although I have yet to make one myself!

  8. The name of your blog is so perfect for what you write about. Your days of learning and playing with your children really do seem magical.

  9. I'm an Aussie reader and thought I would suggest the numbat, quoll and bilby as ones to look up if you haven't already ;). If they like wallaby-type creatures pademelons and quokkas are gorgeous too.

    Love your blog by the way ;).

  10. Hi Stephanie,

    Apologies for leaving this as a comment but I couldn't find an email address or contact form.

    I just wanted to let you know that you have made the top 25 of our Raising Playful Tots Index.

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    - Connect readers and great play content together.
    - Celebrate, in one place, those blogs that support raising playful tots.
    - Gather together a network of play blogs.

    You can see the list here:

    Kind regards,
    Nicole Avery

  11. Dawn - Thanks so much.

    Stacey - They all sound familiar - I think we looked at everything, I just mentioned the ones that are very, very different from anything else!
    Here in the U.S. we get a couple of strange ones - the armadillo, for instance, but Australia has so many!! :)
    And thank you!

    Nicole -
    Wow, what a surprise! Thanks so much for including me in your list, and for letting me know!!
    I'm honored.

  12. Fun! Ah, the Googol...we had something similar. We tried to figure out how many molecules are in one gallon of water, then one bathtub of water...the number was insanely long, which got us researching how long numbers can get and how you write/say them when they do. So interesting!


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