Friday, June 25, 2010

midsummer's day

oh, i've been pining and pining for a day of Earth and green and nature and all of its richness and divinity!

there has been much fun and play around here lately (well, i s'pose there always is), and i've been more and more needing to bury myself deeply and thoroughly in Mama Nature's gifts.

i began my day with working on a house blessing.
gathering, reading, touching, inhaling... consuming!.

 ivy, mullein, catnip, peppermint, yarrow,
lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, hyssop

sigh.  how lovely.

the other grown-up began his day with settling in his desk to play with his new (father's day) neck-hackle...
ie - tying flies.

then it was time to pack up the books and other tools that might be needed for the day.
off to the wilds, then.


skulls, bat guano, blue bellies (fence lizards), hiking, a picnic lunch, desert wildflowers, swallow mud-and-spit nests...

just the thing!

up the canyon, then, for a bit of fishing and n_____-baby splashing

beaver's dam

and inhaling and absorbing the willows.  the willows are the mama's favorite.

further up a little way to hunt for snakes and to investigate the hot springs.

let's go all the way up, now, shall we?
to the top.

tag at mountain-top


red-tailed hawk

... and heading back down

there are mountains made of conglomerate rock

and unbelievable views

 and grandly-sized, glorious patches of red clover

and stones just waiting for skimmin'

and caddis larvae investigations -
admiring their ingenuity and ability to make stone and wood cases for themselves

and other critters, too.


so i'll just sigh,
and say "thank you"...
for that will certainly do.


  1. The pictures are so peaceful and beautiful. I think it is very important to get some nature time in... I need to go do it myself!

  2. omg these pictures are just beautiful!!! that redtail hawk is stunning. what a gorgeous place - not for the first time i am dreaming of a road trip...that looks like a PERFECT place to renew; it is vibrating with life and JOY!!

  3. I wish we had big wild places like that to go to...I miss mountains and desert and rocks and streams! Ahhh.

    Love your wreath - beautiful!

  4. Your pictures and descriptions are so awesome that when I breathed, I swear I could smell the earth. :-)

  5. Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous.

    Those are some serious teeth on that skull!

  6. I love the mountains too. Glad you got to get out in them.

    Love your new wreath! Just beautiful.

  7. Fantastic images...all of them. (Maybe not the leech - ewwww!)
    But I especially love that wreath. I think one is in order for our front door. Thank you for that inspiration. Glad you were able to "fill up." -Debbie

  8. I was just looking at an old photo of me "tying a fly" at my daddy's bench--I think I am 2 in the picture!

    What a wonderful day--and the wreath is gorgeous. *Sigh.*

    Many house blessings indeed!

  9. Oh Stephanie!! Wow...big sighs. Stunning, divine indulgence in nature! Oh to come with you next time...
    except for that leech..hmm I thought we had big ones...

  10. All too beautiful. What a fine world we live in!

  11. You just gave me a vacation and a heap of memories all at once. Thank you!

  12. What are the things on the sides of the rocks that look like some sort of cocoon?
    Very cool photos.

  13. Those are the swallow nests -
    they make them at cliff over-hangs (they're very high up), and they're made of mud and spit. :)

  14. Oh my goooodness, your photos are gorgeous! wow..this was an extra full day, so much to see and explore.. I'm sighing at the post :o) xo

  15. Gorgeous!!! Wow, what a day!


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