Friday, June 18, 2010

june seventeen : presumably perfect

So Wednesday night we we started watching Nimh, and Trev reached over and picked up Actually, Factually: A Collection of Myths, Mistakes and Misconceptions - With the Truth Behind Them.  He flipped through it and read for at least half an hour. A few minutes later he got up, and went to his room to get one of his favorite encyclopedias, Dinosaurs by Carl Mehling.  "I just want these books here so I can read them whenever I want to," says he.
Which is not extraordinary in itself - Trev reads often (to gain information - encyclopedias and to research things, you may remember.)
But I do find it pretty wonderful that I picked up a couple of books that looked interesting for me to read to my children, and as it turns out, they are picked up by someone other than me, and placed deliberately just so on the coffee table.  Makes me smile.  "So that's the way of it, then," thinks his Mama. 

Chocolate Cake for breakfast.  In cuppycake pajamas.  In the sunshine.

Oh, I tried to clean house today.  I really did!
But early this morning the sun showed itself, and sky was so, so blue.  Not a cloud in the sky!
What started as cold and beautiful soon swayed and sashayed into Perfect.
So I trimmed roses.
Inspected the fruits.

Sat for an hour skimming the leaves and seeds from the pool (Winds-day, yesterday!) while Little Son jubilantly cannon-balled them up from the bottom.
Babied the pool. (Which really just means that I did some research, tested it, and ran the filter systems through another cycle.)
I am well aware that you care not a whit about the condition of our pool, but I wanted to tell you something....
We bought an Intex Saltwater Pool System for the pool.  What this means is that we only added two bags of salt to our pool, and that's all we do.  (!!)  No chemicals, no fuss, no daily chores.  Soooooo worth the $200.  (Less if you're patient and order the system from online.  I needed it immediatement.)  I test the water every couple of days to make sure all is well, and that's it.  Best invention ever, I'm pretty sure!

Peppermint was cut this morning and added to my green tea to make a most heady brew.

The dinosaurs were all given life and got to play in the mudpit today.  A daily occurrence, lately, and something that always makes me smile.

The first Dragonfly came by.

Dives (from the lowest rung on the ladder, so 'twas perfectly safe) and 360's were practiced enthusiastically

Watched this superduper cool video from Steve Spangler about bubbles -- our bubble solution was dwindling and quite thick with leaves and blossoms, so we strained it and made another batch.  We'll let the new stuff sit tonight and attempt Steve's tricks tomorrow.

Dolls have gone adventuring,

laundry has been hung
mmm - and folded on the patio table.  (I'm telling you-- can't be inside!)

Maddie brought a package of beans for planting to me - "Mom, can we plant these?"
So of course we did.  At the teepee. 

The playhouse probably has a couple of stories to tell today.

Climbing up to the tippiest heights that One can climb -
and taking a look around the neighborhood while She's at it.  Turns out there were things to be discovered, as She told tales and used the words "I presume..." like four times in Her five sentence story.
"I presume there is a party going on over there... for there are balloons. I presume to see an umbrella, also, which I presume is for that same party..."
Being up that high gives one lofty ideas, you know.

"Hey, Mom... wanna help me make a leaf boat?"
She wants one that she can ride on....

(and freezin') and games - being locked up in sea jail and corrals and spiky crabs and evil villains and super cars.

And chalk.

And then ice flowers and fire flowers.  :)  Know them?? 

Running out of trampoline and patio room, and moving Chalk to the front.




an' canned apples from Grandma's last Autumn.

More swimmin'

and Friendly sort of very late dinner

and then meat-eating whales

and Angler Fish discussions on the way home.

Which of course led to Angler Fish research upon arriving home.
ooh.  [shiver].

Wii Star Wars

and Love -

and that will see us through to sleep.

Soooo full of Goodliness.


  1. I've thought of doing a green bean teepee, but never have. I need to put in on "the list" in my mind to do very soon.

    I love how Maddie presumes things. :) I love the pic. The excitement is there is her eyes. So sweet.

    Trev seems to be in contemplative moods lately. The recent pics of him gives the impression that he is mulling over some big thoughts. I love that he is into encyclopedias. Just the facts, Ma'am. :)

    And today is looking like another beautiful day too. Hope you have fun in the sunshine! ♥

  2. Melody - I know! It's a "thinking" picture, isn't it? :)

  3. Saltwater system for the pool? I had no idea one existed! So, is the water salty then? Like it would be in the sea? I am fascinated. To say the least!

    I love hanging wash on the line to dry and then folding the clothes outside too. Something so wonderful about that chore when done outside. :)

    Such a perfect day you had and gorgeous pictures (as usual) to go along with it!

  4. You always have the most full days! Thanks for telling us about the saltwater system. We have been thinking about it, but had not heard about how well they work.
    Are those fruits figs or pears, perhaps?

  5. Phyllis and Shel -
    Yeah, the water is salty - it's one-tenth as salty as the ocean, so not uncomfortable.
    Actually, it's really pleasant for opening your eyes under water, too.
    You can taste the salt, but it isn't strong, and it isn't unpleasant. It also leaves your skin soft, and not dried out and feeling like you've been in chemicals all day.

    The machine takes the chloride (as salt is sodium chloride) and produces chlorine (some sort of ionization process, I think) to sterilize and to keep algae and other bacteria from growing in the water.

    It's a fantastic system!! :)

  6. So good. It's finally warm enough for us to hit our neighborhood pool - wish that one had a saltwater system.

    Sounds like you have very full and fun days - I bet you go to sleep happy, sleep soundly and wake up with excitement about the day to come. Pretty nice life :)

  7. My kids are very into bubbles right now, too. Thanks for the bubble link.

  8. magical day - love the pensive pic of Trev :0)

  9. What a beautiful, fun, full day! I love the pool and chalk pictures.
    I always love to come by and visit.


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