Monday, May 17, 2010

the weekend : soul provisions

Do you ever sit,
when the day is done,
in whatever blessed spot that beckons you -
and just think...
This Peace,
this calm,
this light,
this melding

There are a few things that have brought us to this particular point-
and first is the driveway.
While we love our home, and it suits our needs very well,
there are some things that we have to deal with - one being very large trees that provide lots of wonderful shade -
but that also limits our garden space.
Something less desirable than beautiful trees is our second driveway - it's a roughly fifty-foot long, ten foot wide piece of asphalt that we've been trying to banish from our sight and thoughts for six or seven years.  The thought evolved over this last week that we could try to chip out a bit of it.  So we bought a pick-ax.
Which cuts into that driveway like a dream.
So we are in the process of tearing up and removing forty-two feet of an unwanted driveway.  (We're leaving a few feet up by the garage.)
I can't begin to express how happy this makes us.
I mentioned the other day the possibilities of this are a wonderful thing... this year we are having dreams of the apple tree we've just planted....
And we're planting rows of corn.  And we have extra space for more tomatoes. And we're considering a little patio area...

So abundance and blessings show themselves to us by way of an idea.  Instead of a not particularly-liked space that heats up tremendously under summer's sun, we'll have the west side of our home be cooled by beautiful, living, green things.  Like apple trees and holly hocks....

Saturday we spent much of our day visiting three local nurseries.  My favorite perennial place, a local organic and heirloom nursery, and then another favorite garden shop of mine that has lots of natives.

We're planting our onions,
and we're putting up the teepee for beans and cucumbers.
I've finished the medicine garden.

 (heart's ease, mullein, poppies, catnip, foxglove, lamb's ears, peppermint, spearmint, chives, garlic chives, chamomilie, thyme, nicotiana, cinquefoil, delphinium, yarrow, sweet basil, hollyhock, lettuce, st. john's wort, phlox, calendula, lavender.)

And the (kitchen) herb garden is beautiful...

(roses and phlox, peppermint, sunflowers, lavender, lemonbalm, rosemary, st. john's wort, sage, chives, bergamot mint, bee balm, oregano, green onions, yarrow.)
...even though most things are just tiny, still.

We've hacked
and turned
and hauled

and loved

and dug.

Yesterday we heard Boys.  In our neighborhood 
 Four of them.
We got to meet them.  And play.

That's pretty much how Trev spent his day.

It is odd to me that sometimes I forget - 
After just one day of sunshine
and hard, hard physical labor
and Warmth
and having my toes and fingers in delicious soil
and knees caked with dirt
and seeing regular visits by the hummingbirds
and bare feet -
that this, all of This
is so perfectly nourishing.

When the day is done
I sit and listen to the birds, and feel the warm air
-blessed warm air-
I feel connected
and at peace
and sustained.
Like I've been filled up
with all the goodliness Mother Earth has to offer.
It's like I've been reminded
of who I truly Am.

So, yes.
One can go from
"Is there enough?"
"Thank You.
"Thank You.
"Thank You."

And now...
One more day of sunshine, today,
and how many reasons to be grateful?


  1. Your garden is lovely! :)

  2. What a fabulous post about a fabulous idea. Brilliant to use the not needed driveway space for a much wanted additional garden! Apple trees....oh, how i long for an orchard full of them.


  3. your garden is looking so beautiful!

  4. Upon seeing the final photo, Benjamin says, "He's missing his hair."


  5. How cool that you have a medicine garden!
    I'm hoping for some quiet, reflective moments in the future. They are a little few and far between right now, but hey, that's to be expected ;-)

  6. Once a driveway and now transformed into a growing space - how great is that??!!

    Your gardens are lush and abundant. I hope they yield good things for you all this year. :0)

  7. What a fantastic idea and a much better use of space. I wouldn't want to chop down any trees, either. And you have some gorgeous ones in your yard.
    When we moved into this house, there was a well established perennial garden and a huge plot for a vegetable garden. The previous owners came over the other day and Mrs B. walked with me through the gardens pointing out this and that. I remember her saying that there were foxglove, phlox, catnip, delphinium and lemon balm. I know that the best way to learn to garden is to do it and figure it out along the way. But could you please tell me what these are, if they are edible and what they are used for? Also, could you point me to some instructions on making a teepee for the peas and such?
    Due to a very late frost date here in Maine, we have only planted spinach, carrots, radishes, potatoes and onions. But I hope to get the peas in soon.
    Thanks and love you lots.

  8. I'm just looking at your garden and getting jealous! Although our yard is pretty big for around here, I don't have many things planted. We'll do tomatoes, melons, eggplants, thyme, basil, rosemary, carrots, and in the fall broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkins, but I know I could do more. Do you plant seeds or already grown plants into the ground?

  9. Your garden is lovely! Your plants are so HUGE!!! My seedlings are just going out and are so tiny still at this time of year I feel like I need little 4" high fencing around them all. :) I have big wants for adding more medicinal plants this year but we are always so broke in May somehow, every year. ;P


  10. KimK-
    Foxglove is one of my favorite plants - it gets two plus feet tall, with large leaves, and the seeds are poisonous. They make heart medicine out of it.
    Lemonbalm is probably my favorite plant - it's in the mint family, and will spread. It's entirely edible, and the smell is divine.
    Delphinium is very tall - up to five feet, depending on variety, and commonly are a brilliant blue, but can be white, light pink, and purple, too.
    Catnip spreads, and will take serious neglect, and will grow even under not a lot of sun.
    Garden phlox, if that's what you're talking about, is two or three feet tall, and likes shade. There is also creeping phlox, which stays close to the ground, and has small flowers.

    A teepee can be made with bamboo rods tied together at the top. That's how we do ours. It takes like two minutes.
    Pees are planted early, if it's not too late, now is a good time. (It's too late for here.)
    Cucumbers and green beans like each other, and will be happy sharing space. For green beans you put seeds directly in the ground, same as peas and corn.

  11. Denise - I have some tiny, tinies, too. :)

    Chris - we do both. Seeds when it works out well, plants if not. :)

  12. Oh, I'm so glad to hear about your driveway project! We have a second driveway, too, with some of the best sun in our part-shade to dead-shade yard, and I'd considered raised beds on top of it, or taking it out. Glad to hear it went smoothly for you and only required a pick axe (well, that and hard work!). On my to-do-someday list, for sure.

  13. Thank you for this post today- for whatever reason, this spoke directly to my soul today- exactly what I needed.


  14. this is beautiful and poetic, you're precious and your life lovely! xoxo

  15. Such a beautiful post, such a pretty garden with so much growth!

    My garden is still in the 'faith' phase. Lots of stuff planted, but not much showing its face yet. Garlic is up, of course, and my onions are coming along with my peas and cabbages. But everything else is still hiding from the wind.


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