Monday, May 10, 2010

oh, dear.

true confession time.

There are tiny bits of jello on the den carpet, under Madd's computer.
Trev comes to me with the tale.

"Maddie..." says her Mama, coming in caked with dirt from spending the day in the garden, "Babe, this can't be here.  Did you spill this?"
"No, I spit it."
"Well, it needs to be cleaned up.  We can't spit jello on the carpet, honey, it will turn the carpet green."
"Okay, Mom!" she says enthusiastically.
Then, "I can't get the rest," as I was passing through on my way back outside, "Could you help me?"
So we're picking up the tiniest bits, and she flings her hands, sending the jello bits to hell and back.
"Madd!  Don't fling it... use your head."
So she wipes it on her head.

I do forget, friends.
I do forget that these favorite comrades of mine are just little,
and do not quite come from the same place as I.

Oh, Little Ones.
I love you so.
And I promise I am trying.


  1. I love this little exchange. Just this morning, while building Lego creations together, Benjamin and I were discussing just how tough it is "to be little." He asked, "Was it tough when you were little?"

    Yes, yes it was. :)

  2. Oh sweet mama with your sweet little one, I will try not to giggle too much at the thought of her jello flinging! she thinks outside of the box that girl :D

  3. Such beauty in your honesty.
    I can't tell you how many times I say that phrase..."I'm trying..." So true. Sending love. <3

  4. I Love this post all the way to the moon and back :)

  5. lots of giggling over here. honestly, because it's at your house, not mine...i love this, and "i didn't spill it i SPIT it!" good for you for finding it more amusing than horrible and seeing her just as her beautiful little self...


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