Sunday, May 02, 2010

may two

wiiiiiii. (I can't help it.  I always have to say wiiiiiii!.  The wii really is a wheeee sort of thing.  At least to my children.)

Trev has dinosaurs on his mind right now.  He's showed me the Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis game - and the trailer- and he is stoked to check out the game. I got a nice, long, bloody, slashing, juicy lecture this morning  telling me aaaaalllll about it. Thank goodness for libraries.


- Creating things for a bear tea party.

Computer play.

And a tea party - peach.

With pretty hats and pink babies and polar bears and lions.


We've got the blind leading the n_____ on this one.




Book making.

Youtube Spore videos,
and music videos-
Peanut Butter Jelly Time,
and Ponyo.
sigh.  What a glamorous life we live!

Candy necklaces.

While playing favorite make-believe games.


Flowers and dinosaurs and bells and snowmen and candycanes and moons and stars.

With sprinkles.
Dinosaurs and cows and stars and moons and dolphins and beads.

Outside play.  Because it's the warmest part of the day (at 5pm).

Magic School Bus on one tellie, and Jurassic Park on the other.  :)  Seems about right.

And more play.  Because soon it will be time to say goodbye.  But mostly because there is finally Sun!

Life is sweet.

An' prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. That sounds like quite some week, all piled into one wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It all looks wonderful.. but especially the cookie part! :)

  3. wow! it is so, so good to see my children so happy! thanks for caring for them so well. i have a special surprise i brought back from san fran that i will drop by tomorrow. xoxo

  4. I always love your trampoline pictures. And the cookies look yummy!

  5. I just love listening to kids when they are bubbling over with excitement about some new discovery - hope the dinosaur game is all Trev hopes it will be :0)

    Cookies are tres glamorous!

  6. Beautiful. Nothing like a bunch of kids and a great Momma.

  7. looks perfect! sounds like one happy home!

  8. Mmmm cookies - you just reminded me that I need to bake some cookies...

  9. Your first bit about the graphic eldest boy recently told his great grandma how egyptians mummified bodies, in painful, gross detail.

    She loved every minute of it and told me she would be sharing it with the rest of the W.I that evening:D


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