Thursday, May 20, 2010

may twenty

mmm, so much deliciousness today.
lots of inspiration this morning... namely HRMJ at Heart Rockin' Family (oh, i just can't wait!), and also Ginny at Small Things.

i started on paper dolls long before maddie woke this morning.
so fun.  : )

while she and i love playing and cutting, and she loves designing and decorating paper clothes, i hadn't thought of animal dolls... and it's such a cute idea.  big, big thanks to Ginny for that!  such wonderful inspiration.
(and we'll tell you how we did it soon.)

we finished up our paper art.
so bright and beautiful and cheerful and fun.

we put up a how-to at olm (too.).

let's see...
there was garden love-
churning, hoeing, weeding, planting, admiring....

 very first one!

and lots of research,

and jumpstart for the littlest one.

there were skeletons

and jumping on the trampoline

and book-making (a book on rain forest animals today)

and jumpstart third grade for the little son.
so, so excited is he.
unscrambling words.
measuring things by the metric system and (psuedo) molecules
learning about farming and michigan and Kellogg.
knowing the answer to Leo.
so proud.
his mama, too.


these are really so fun - if you haven't entered your name for the give-away, do so! we have three book kits to give away - each kit will make 14 bracelets.
"I can do it however I want?"
Is there any other way?  thinks her mama.
"Of course you can."
so she does.

js-third-grade continues on

and the littlest one digs in the mud.
with dinosaurs

'tis as it should be.

siiiiingin' in the bath.
while jumpstart 3 still for another
and Supper-prep for the last one.

oh, i love my life.
i love these babies.
i love the one that's off doing his stuff on the Outside, and reading about his family whenever he has a minute.
so, so thankful for it all.

let's call that good....
the three of us have a date with a warm stack of chocolate chip cookies and the wiiiiii...
have you ever really watched chidlren play these games?  sheesh.  how do they learn that stuff???

so i'm off to be thoroughly impressed.
goodnigh friends -
all is well here.


  1. Those paper dolls are great!

  2. So cute-I love the hat on the bunny!

  3. Glad all is well. :) Love the pink and purple bracelet, too!

  4. Gotta totally love those paper dolls!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  5. Totally cute paper dolls. My son would love your Jurassic mud pit :-)

  6. Looks mighty fine to me!


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