Thursday, May 06, 2010

may six

Today began by looking mighty leisurely (black velvet suit and all),  it was cold, and dark, and only wanted a nap.
So I let the morning have its way with me by napping, and the babes spent just about the whole day resting... it's been a while since we've just vegged all day.

We started talking about our daytrip tomorrow, and started doing research.

A little over a hundred miles south of home a new Allosaurus was discovered back in November.  The dig was put off until Spring, and now, as it's our state's Prehistory Week, for a few days the CEU is bestowing supercoolness upon the public - we're invited to come and watch the actual dig.
Now you know how excited this family is about that. 
That same area is filled with so many great things... a few years ago (uh, wait, that was actually closer to 15 years ago, I guess), Eric and I went out that way with friends, and tromped around the San Rafael area.  While driving, and not even really knowing hardly anything about the area, I was looking around, and thinking, "Wow... this seems so old!  I can just imagine dinosaurs tromping around on this land."
Turns out, that's pretty close to the truth.  Though the terrain is different, no doubt, it still feels ancient.  Very, very ancient.
More about that tomorrow, from the road.  : )  When I have pictures.

Also down in the area is the Cleaveland Lloyd Dinosuar Quarry.  Complete with trails and footprints and bones.

And let's not forget the two museums - the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, and the Museum of the San Rafael.

When I started checking out stuff today -among picking up (I'm sure I actually picked up something today..) and making cookies for our road trip- I started thinking "small mini vacation."  ' Course the idea grew, and soon became imperative.  Western motels are a pretty fine thing.
Eric decided that he can't have us off tromping without him, so he's taking the day off to play, too.

Because there is the Western Mining & Railroad Museum Exhibits.

And there are the petroglyphs.

And of course there are the ghost towns.

I'm trying not to expect too much, but I know that we're pretty good at putting a whole lot of glorified livin' into two-day trips. (Like this one: Day one and Day two.)

We're so happy and excited.

We'll see you tomorrow night from the motel.



  1. Wow! From resting to road trip! exciting.

  2. OMG you live in a cool place. i am stewing in my jealousy right now. very very very cool, and i'll relish the update tomorrow...

  3. Eric and I were talking about that tonight.
    I said something like, "I mean, I understand why people like to travel... but really, it isn't necessary! I mean... you should just always start with home! There's so much to see!!"
    And he said something like, "But we live in Utah."
    ANd I asked if he thought we had more. "But doesn't everywhere have really cool stuff if you just look?"
    ANd he said, "I dunno. I mean, I can't imagine Kansas or Nebraska having that many really cool things."
    I think probably everyone has really, really cool stuff within a few hundred miles, but it takes lots of living and exploring to find it.
    And being excited about it - that's my specialty.

  4. that is so cool. i love utah....for it's natural beauty (arches, moab...) and archeology! it's jammmmpacked with good stuff!

  5. I'm so jealous! Have tons of fun and tell me all about it!

  6. We have the most amazing and exciting wild places - mountains, rivers and oceans... but you beat us hands down on museums!!! And I would love to shop online for some of the materials you gather up - but by the time you pay for shipping to the ends of the earth, it just isn't worth it!!! Would I change it? Not really I grew up running in the dusty wilds of Africa and would want exactly the same for my kids!!! Have a fun trip!!!

  7. Have so much fun! Can't wait to see it all!

  8. May I just say that you live in a ridiculously cool state! We are down in the very southwest corner right now, lovin' everything. If you were a bit closer we would have arranged to pop up for a visit! Next trip!

  9. Very cool plans! Sometimes the impulsive trips are the best! We save all our trips for August...but perhaps we shouldn't. Have a fun & happy time.

  10. You do live in an amazing place. Utah is one of those places I always dream of going to, but I've never been!

  11. Awesome! A road trip and ghost towns! Have a great weekend!


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