Wednesday, May 19, 2010

may nineteenth : another shade of perfect

Rain is beautiful, isn't it?

For me, all it took to remember was a cleaning of the patios the other day while the sun was shinin'... just in case it might rain again, someday.  And that I might want to enjoy it... someday.
And it did rain again.

So today I got to see -and experience- that rain is really, truly, sighingly beautiful, whilst being in the middle of it.

Views from the covered patio.

Of course I knew,
but sometimes I forget.
And that's one of the purposes of my life,
to Remember.
To re-member myself to the everything
-to re-align-
to love greatly,
and to appreciate this beautiful life.

One of the greatest  (grandest, most fortuitous) things I've learned over the last year or so is that Perfect comes in a thousand - and ten thousand more- shades.
It doesn't mean that there were no irritating moments or unplanned reactions,
but rather that This -
this divine moment
is Enough.

Grand enough.
Loving, enough....
sweet enough....
of recognition
and a sigh
and gratitude...

So that was our day.

Strong enough.
Big enough.

Aimless, at times.
 Planting lettuce and spinach.

Playing with BaffleBlox
And tumultuous at times, too.

But beautiful.

And right.

And loving.

And supportive.

And sustaining.

We had moments of  genius
 We've been loving this the last couple of days -
today we created with our blocks first some sort of human shape (each of us created our own design)
and then an animal that the others had to guess at,
and then a free design. 
I love seeing the children learning how to think and plan ahead,
as well as reason and configure with these simple tools.

Dinosaur Bowling (down the slide)

and history

and hilarity

and inventiveness.

We discovered -
this is play with One Small Square.

We roped off a small area,
and equipped with magnifying glasses,
a spoon,
a jar
and a bug-catcher box

we set out to see and discover
what Is.

In that little while, we saw
a butterfly
a teeny tiny fly (a gnat?)
a fly
a honeybee
flying all around,
and an ant,
a worm
a jumping spider
and a snail
crawling about.
Among other lifely things.
Life is busy, in one small square!

Life today is full of color

and wii
and research
and Wonderment.

It truly is beautiful,
this wild and free life.

I eat it up.

Tell us your story, too.


  1. Rain is beautiful. Walking in the rain is something special..

  2. Just honoring and supporting a child's natural curiosity is such a wondrous thing.... and you do it SO WELL :0)

  3. The sky over here has been teasing us with rain. Grey, cloudy sky, but not giving up the rain! Muggy.

    What blocks are those?

  4. rain is so comforting in a way. it always gives me permission to curl up with a good book or while away a few hours daydreaming. i think rain helps to slow us down.

  5. It's raining and pouring here today too...on the other side of the world. What a beautiful post...needed to read this today.


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