Tuesday, May 04, 2010

may four : art

While we don't often plan things ahead of time, this Mama does find herself taking stock every so often... just looking around to see what's missing.
Much of the time we learn and play according to what's available - programs offered, weather, household needs... you know.
And then once in a while, like today, there is a need and desire for immersion.
Today that need, for me, was Art, and Create!.

Timely enough, Denise pointed us to this:

Yeah.  A great start.

We looked through our library book, Making Art with Paper.  Plenty of good stuff for us in there.

After Mario for one, and creating Jurassic Park for the other (which included collecting fossils for dna so that dinosaurs can be brought to life),

and while waiting for Trevy to finish his breakfast, we looked at and played here.


When we were all ready, we read our library book, The Shape Game.  
Love, love love this book.
Especially fine since we're planning our first visit to the fine arts museum tomorrow.  I figure they're ready, so it's time.


Make believe.  In the garden.

And make believe.  On the computer.

Art-- in music.  Rhythm. 

Reading.  With Clifford.
And reading... with the InGen team, and the scientists and researchers.

Another art project.
This one is a birthday present for Grammy.

 Not finished yet, but we're liking it pretty well-ly.

Many Magic School Bus episodes.

Now the last one of us has come back home,
and we're happy and fulfilled.

So, so good.


  1. Enjoy the museum tomorrow!

  2. Love the projects! Especially the fish! :)

  3. Those are awesome. Art is good!

  4. Nifty bongo drums .... and I love the colorful fishes!!

  5. I love the playing in the garden pictures. They are so special. The art is gorgeous.

  6. Great projects! Love all the color going on there.

    We have watched that video so many times now. A has an idea and a video camera, so he is ready to make his own. I just don't have any televisions for him to shatter (much to his disappointment ;)). Should be interesting, as always!


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