Wednesday, May 05, 2010

may five: everything under the sun

"Cruisin' on down Main Street,
You're relaxed and feelin' good....
Next thing that you know
You're seein'
Octopus in the neighborhood!?!"

Sounds about right.

Trev was awake at eight o'clock this morning... so that he might have extra time to play his game.
"Mom... I'm pretty sure that Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is so expensive ($150+!!) because it's the greatest game in the Universe."

There were so many Must Remember delectables today that came from my babes... but of course I cannot recall them.  sigh.

Madd woke up to Magic School Bus again, and soon we were doing laundry

and polishing our toes a gorgeous coral color..

and she was packing up lunch for our day Out.  (She wanted to be in charge of lunch and snacks today.)

First stop was the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.  There were a few things we liked...

and my very favorite...

"Well, it wasn't like the book," said Trev.
"I know," said I. "I was expecting it to be a lot cooler."
"I'm only a little disappointed - not much."

As I've mentioned, I've been wanting to visit The Cathedral of the Madeleine. Today I had it on my mind.
Trevelyn was pretty against going, but I was pretty insistent (reminded him that I enjoy things, too) and he graciously alotted me a very small sliver of time.
I took it!

We spotted grotesques hanging off of the building, that was pretty cool for us-- we're fascinated by grotesques and gargoyles.

The cathedral was magnificent, just as we thought it would be. (We looked at it a few days ago, and got to see the panoramic view.)

Some surprises - I was totally enthralled by the confessional - [grin] it's always cool to see something you've only read about in books.

Maddie was interested in the pews and the hymnals - I got to explain to her how it works.  : )

It's true.  We're heathens. 

And we did some admiring on our short walk through this old part of our city.

The First Presbyterian Church

We had already decided that we would go to the children's museum since we were downtown. 

So we built

and made earthquakes

and made stop animation

and created paper contraptions as best we could to see how they'd fly.


We had thought that we would end our day at a park,
but alas! it had turned cold and windy.
So we came home...

To Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
and Magic School Bus.

A very fine day.
An' all is well.


  1. WOW!!!!What a wonderful Mother you are to give your children all these experiences, and all done with love and thought. cheers Marie

  2. Hi Stephanie
    What fascinating visits. That cathedral is truly beautiful!

  3. We're heathens too but much like you - can appreciate the beauty of a magnificent cathedral :0)

    A day full of wonders!

  4. oh, your days are looking just grand - i wish we had all that nearby!! thanks for taking advantage of it for us! and yesterday's flower collage...awesome.

  5. Wait a minute. Mom likes to do some things too? Ahhh...

    Looks like such a fun day. Inspiring, really. :)

  6. It is official we are moving down the road from you - we want to visit your art gallery and lovely museums!!! I don't think our part of the world has heard of a children's museum - especially not one where children actually touch things!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

  7. This post is wonderful (among other things) because of the wide range of experiences that are held with equal value. I absolutely love the picture of Maddie putting out the laundry and of course I love the photos of the cathedral. I think of our church as beautiful, but it pales so in comparison!

  8. We love churches too and often visit them...the children's museum looks like great fun too!

  9. We love to go on mini-adventures just like your family, too. I'm so excited as the kids grow up to just take off many days and just go exploring whenever we want to. Right now my 4 year old son is still in a running away from me stage, so I don't do things like taking the El downtown alone with them, but I can forsee wonderful adventures like that in the future. The cathedral was gorgeous, by the way.


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