Sunday, May 02, 2010

may first

ah, mayday!

' been singin' in my head all day, "Scrub-bin - Day... Is my favorite day!...." via Pippi Longstocking.

haven't had much of a MayDay celebration around here, today.

but... we have friends.

and flowers.

and magic.

and we discovered giant towers for fey play.

 these are the oddest thing - they're like five inches tall!

and there has been lots of dancing

and singing.

and giggling

... and even making each other roar with laughter.

well. on second thought.... I guess life has been celebrated a little....


  1. Singing, dancing, and roaring with laughter sounds terrific!

  2. Just love the dancing around picture, just so cool, cheers Marie

  3. I love the dancing pictures!

    Real happiness :)


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