Friday, May 14, 2010

may 14 : abundance

sometimes it just takes a quiet acknowledgment

to see the symbols for which you've been waiting.

and cuteness.

certainly there is an abundance of that.


liberating, fulfilling, big, lovely, juicy ideas.
which can bring an abundance of many goodly things.
like a whole row of fruit trees.
And rows and rows of corn.
And many, many more raspberry canes.
And an entire patch for pumpkins.

An abundance of lovely, rich,

 an abundance of warmth

and future fire celebrations.

an abundance of beautiful green

of wishes

and daydreams.

of playful energy

and beauty

and of hope.

yes.  all of that.

i am thankful.
and i am blessed.

This one goes to This Beautiful Life.


  1. You really are blessed.And you are blessed with sunny day also.Here is raining for a week now,and it look it will one week more :-( So enjoy!

  2. Sweet! The stuff that keeps this life moving on...

  3. Oh,Trev's freckles are killing me. Too sweet. I love all the hope and possibilities that come with spring. (Any time of year, really.)
    And I concur with all your gardening hopes...I want the same thing. Oh to be able to fill our bellies right from our own backyard - blessed indeed.

  4. An abundance of love in your household as well.

  5. Nice!

    YOu must have a big yard! Nice to be able to expand for fruit. We are going to try columnar this year...we'll see! :)

  6. I always feel like I'm reading poetry when I visit your blog. Beautiful writing and pictures!

  7. Wonderful pictures, especially the first one :)

    I've been growing stuff too - and it's all still alive! (Although some of it is still small)
    Very exciting :D

  8. That first picture of your daughter! Oh is she beautiful! Really, really stunningly so - watch out world.

  9. I haven't been over here in so long! Been busy - I've missed all your loveliness and inspiration. Hurray for spring planting!

  10. that photo of your daughter is major cuteness!!

  11. And you have an abundance of energy and freedom to be! Have a beautiful week. Goodness, there is truly so much to be thankful for, isn't there.


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