Thursday, May 13, 2010

may 13

"Mom, why does the sun shine?:
"Because the earth is turned toward it."
"No, I mean a scientific reason."
"Oh.  Because it's a ball of incandescent gas."  : ) TMBG.
"No, I want a really scientific-sounding reason."
"Oh.  Uh..... 'The sun is SO hot that all gases are ionized and turned into plasma, which is a very highly-charged state of gas considered a state of matter separate from gas.'"
"That's better."

There's been wiiiiiii for a bit - both of them together.  Maddie calls Trev to help her.  Trev spoke truly a few weeks ago when he said "Soon the wii will be just like my ds - just a regular thing, and no big deal."  They play for five minutes or so, then move on.  : ).  Mostly it's computer play these days.

They sing.

And play together.
 First one for me! - though Eric saw one yesterday.

Maddie invited me to play a game - a basketball game that she made up herself.  I liked it very much.

There have been puzzles.

And creations with kid k'nex.  I love those.  Probably one of my favorite toys in this house.

We're making contraptions for an hs eggdrop tomorrow.  :)

Trev wanted to know if it was a contest.  I told him yeah.
He said that he usually only entered contests if there was a prize.  (Never mind that he's never entered a contest in his life as far as I know.)  I told him that there would be lots of winners and losers, but that if he came with an idea completely on his own (we were discussing ideas and collaborating), and his egg survived, I'd give him $5.
"Cha-ching!" he said.  :)

 Entry #1 (Mama)

 Entry #2 (Mama)

Entry #3 (Madeleine)

Entry #4 (Trevelyn)

We got our Home Science Tools newsletter, and since the ideas totally related to our lives right now, we got on that today.

We've cut a celery stalk and placed it in colored water, but this one called for the same thing demonstrating water through root vegetables, so we're interested in that.  We'll cut the tip tonight before we go to bed, and then cut it half-way or so tomorrow.

I'd like to see what happens to a potato, too.

The other idea in the newsletter was a wormery.  It's been a while since we've done that, and Madd is all about worms these days, so we played.
Sand, compost, soil, and potting soil.

We put leaves and grass on top, and covered it with black construction paper, to keep the top dark.  We left air holes at the top for healthy circulation.

All is well.

And merry and bright.


  1. All of you photos are amazing--- but my favs today are the hummingbird and the last picture!

  2. Truth be told, I love worms too. :)

    K'nex never made a big hit in my house; we are more magnetix people.

    Love Maddie's game! Sounds like fun!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about what happened with the celery & the egg drop!

  3. I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to give your kids a scientific enough answer to their questions without looking it up. :)That goodness they have you.

  4. I did look it up!! :)
    He was in the bathroom, and I was on my computer for a sec at the kitchen table.
    I don't store things like that in my head. lol

  5. Oh Isaac loves the computer too. He's not even four and can navigate YouTube better than me. He's found some really cool stuff though. But, he'd be on all day if I didn't pull him away. Do you struggle with that and your kiddos? Doesn't look like it. :) They are always doing such interesting stuff. Love the worms. :)

  6. Debbiedas -
    I don't struggle with it too much. If I feel like we're stuck, or operating on automatic pilot, then we'll shake things up. Like make a "things we'd like to do today" list, or look at what's happening at the library, or whatever else.
    I'm alright with lots of time with a certain thing (Godzilla research it was just a couple of weeks ago), or the Jurassic Park game, now - as long as things are still active.
    I mean - right now Trev is so into it, and loving it, and learning so much, and I wouldn't think of pulling him away from it. But when I feel like he's doing something just because he doesn't know what else to do, that's when I stir things up - come up with options and ideas. Make sense?

  7. I love the sun conversation! Hee hee

  8. Now I have They Might be Giants stuck in my head!


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