Wednesday, May 12, 2010

may 12 : us

it rains
-and is cold-
and then there are three or sixteen minutes of sunshine,
and then it rains again.
and around
and around we go.

we're scrubbers....

and scribes
popsicle eaters

and we're craftsmen.

we're tenders of the land

and tenders of the Soul, too.

we're gardeners -seed planters-

and we're walruses.

we're discoverers

we're contemplators

we're readers

and we're alien creators.

we're in and out
shouting and quiet
jumping and still.

it's Spring.
all is well.


  1. All is certainly well, isn't it. :)

  2. good inside fun - here's hoping the sixteen minutes of sunshine stretch into a few hours for you soon :0)

  3. It's still so cold and rainy here - we've not even begun to plant anything outside - we had frost on Sunday...

    Stay warm...

  4. Lots and lots and lots and lots of rain. So glad it is sunshiny today!

  5. Hi Stephanie, I love your blog,
    From Argentina, I'll give you the recipe for rainy days: paper ships

    I wanted to send you the photo of the picture, but I coludn't, so I send you the link. I hope you'll enjoy it!
    I'm sorry, my english is pretty poor!!!


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