Monday, May 10, 2010

the five w's

"Mom... do sea turtles have muscles?"  Madeleine

"Mom, what does 'n-slash-a' mean?"  Trevelyn

"Mom... there are rats in America, right?
"And cats in America."  Madeleine

"Mom, is the thing that bees drink honey with their tongue?"  Maddie

"Mom... are rabies deadlier than ticks?" And then, "Oh, good, because I'm putting my researchers on rabies first, to find out more about it...."  Trevelyn

"Mom... are there any last numbers?"  Madeleine

"What does 'appalling' mean?"  Trevelyn

"Mom, when was the twentieth century?"  Trevelyn
..."So, then, I was born two years after nineteen-ninety-nine.  When were you born?"
"Hmmmm...." taps his bottom lip, "I can't remember what Godzilla film came out that year...."
We looked it up, (and he's right, there's one every year after 1954), this one was Destroy All Monsters.  : )

"Isn't the blue flame below the orange flame?"  Trevelyn
This evolved into his idea that blue must have more "pressure", much like carbon being pressed into diamonds.
Of course we looked it up.

"So the 1800's was the 19th century, right?"  Trevelyn

"Mom... what's the word for "four", then?"
It took me a while to figure out what he was asking, ''quad' was the word.

"How do I leave a comment on this?"  Trevelyn

The Five W's started here.


  1. hehe. . . so cute!! Sounds like a day with my son! 1001 questions about things I've never thought about!
    It's a good sign, their little minds are whirling with awareness, curiosity and the spark of imagination.

  2. so many awesome connections here! that's what i love...the imagination, yes, and the connecting of the dots in a way i never saw before...thanks for keeping track of them!

  3. I love that there's a godzilla movie each year...

    Oh NO - Godzilla...zilla...zilla...


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