Sunday, May 30, 2010

easy-- like sunday mornin'

oof.  We're back - hale and hearty.  Evidently we had a round of stomach flu (or "the flus" as Maddie calls it) lined up for us.  What fun!  Personally, I was just glad that I had sparklified my bathroom the day before it was my turn (as no one wants to face an even slightly icky bathroom when they're retching)...
:)  Now aren't you glad you visited?

Life turned up sweet today.
Easy, breezy.... First thing this morning I headed outside and just stood around gazing and listening - soaking up the still and the quiet except for the birds' greetings.  I guess that set the tone for the day.

We tended to the children's bedrooms.  Tip top, now.

We piddled outside...

We visited the gardens to see what had happened while we weren't looking.

 sigh.  Not so long ago I was reading these beloved stories to him.

and throughout.
This is Maddie's little friend.

All is well here.
Family Day tomorrow - who knows what that means!  :)
See you then.


  1. Glad you're all feeling better and up to your usual magical bliss!

  2. Life will be back to normal again now. cheers Marie

  3. well, i'm glad that's over with for you!!! the photos of your garden are so incredibly beautiful, here and in other posts...what good fodder for your spirits.

  4. Glad you're feeling better. I've been enjoying quiet moments in the garden too. Quiet is so fleeting here ;-)

  5. Fresh air and sunshine - that's the stuff to chase away the remnants of "the flus" !!

    Gorgeous pink blooms - are they roses?

  6. Sorry you had to go through that - glad you're all better for the next adventure!

  7. Such a great start to your day. You really know how to weave that magic of yours. It's been quite some time now that I have been reading about your days and always your magic is there. Happiest day to you, dear mama and sweet family.

  8. glad you are all feeling better! beautiful photos! what kind of plant is the one in the photo just above the word "inside"...very interesting looking!

  9. Tara - the pink(ish) are Phlox. The buds are tiny!

    Theresa - that one is an Iris.

    Everyone - thanks so much for the well wishes! :) Glad to be feeling fine.

  10. No offense, but I am glad that I was very far away from your family...I hate it when the flu bug goes through our family!
    As always, I love your photos of your days. I especially love the photo of the roses in that beautiful pitcher. (Love the pitcher picture, hee-hee.)


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