Saturday, May 01, 2010

april thirtieth : play [otherwise entitled "Hang On!"]

what shall today bring?...

magic sand investigations.

very cool stuff, that.



skin, mouths, cloth fibers, tangerine, strawberry, ears, and of course seeing if they "can suck the tv into its own dimension".. that was Trevelyn's idea.  :)

godzilla!  godzilla!  godzilla!
 super mario brothers





watercolor relief creations and painting

zoo morph creations

more water colors - while singin' Zippety-Doo-Dah

and wet painting

trampoline play

puzzles and anatomy discussion


and organs-

more paints!

warm earth mud stomping.

and art.

breathe, Aunt Stephanie...
oh-- and "Sure!  By all means!  Grab a glass of beer!"  : )
uh - Me, not them.

Godzilla film-making research and planning -ie stop motion, special effects (blood)....

zoomorphs and zoobs at the same time.
and decorative shape design for embellishments.

and swinging.
(the sun came out for a few seconds.)

and trampoline play.

with games.
and code words.
and all the usual childhood magic.,

with sprinkles.
christmas, dolphins, dinosaurs, and cows, actually...

let's start pretzels.
can't leave anything out....

so 'bout this time the babes all headed back outside,
it's my task to get the dough started for pretzels (before I start dinner - we're having a late dinner, tonight) and what do I hear them chanting from the trampoline?
"Ne-ver stop!  Ne-ver stop!  Ne-ver stop!...."
"Sounds about right," I think.
anyway.  where were we?
oh, yeah.  pretzels.

and dinner....

and packing up (for some)
and more jumping
and more Godzilla
and pretzel eating....

and saying goodbye.
"See you next week!" say the babies while parting.  : )  (They're always planning the next two-day sleepover.)

and now...
now we fall into our beds (or wherever we fall)
and in the morning will get ready for a two-day visit with friends.

good enough.


  1. Oh, my! What a wonderful whirlwind. I love times like this. Sounds like life with my boys...I just don't have as much energy as I used to either. My daughter is now taking over some of the activities for me, bless her!

  2. I love that puzzle! ...and the relief painting - awesome!

  3. Coolest puzzles ever! Can I have a cupcake?

  4. Its all go, go, go, with young-ins cheers Marie

  5. I love the watercolor, so beautiful!

    I enjoy your photographs so fact, I save your blog for last when I'm trudging through my Google Reader (so I can thoroughly enjoy all the wonderful moments of your life!).


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