Wednesday, April 21, 2010

these two days

we began our morning with The Rescuers.

I got to help Trev with bowser's inside story
-how nice that I can actually help-



our neighborhood Cooper's Hawk came by this afternoon.  his name is Harry.

we read the first six chapters of Peter Pan

Trev played plants vs. zombies

more trains
-and Maddie makes a movie-

transplanted the bergamot

gave love to the fish

espied the honesty

computer games with Cousin - long distance

trampoline play

tidying up


mad play with Dad...

we'll keep it!

*  *  *

day two:

tidied up.

salutations to an old friend.

goodbye, Dear Truck.  we loved you so.
and you showed us your love time and again.
live and love well in your next lives!

computer play

helping Grammy
er - and listening to Grammy fuss....

to market, to market,
to buy a fat Wish...

Little Son bought half,
and was loaned the money for the other half.

mii, mii, mii.

bowling and boxing
colds and almost busted hands
(that would be a sprained (via hyper-extended) injury - twas the Daddy, thank goodness, and not a baby)
paper crafts
snapping and cracking thunder
northern breezes
dreams of snickerdoodles
birds and birdies and burds

two chapters of Peter Pan

and warm soup
and grilled cheeses

* * *

we're good.
plugs on their way from Amazon.
oof.  :)
we'll see you on the other side of the mountain as soon as we can get there.


  1. I do so like the way that you write. Always very interesting. cheers Marie

  2. Sounds PERFECT! xo

  3. We had grilled cheese too. Aren't they yummy?!

  4. Wii is pretty wonderful - "funderful" really :0)

    Sounds like a day well lived :0)

  5. I am adding bergamot to the garden this year. Excited. :)

  6. Funny, we saw our first Cooper's Hawk on Wednesday evening! Two of them, in their nest. Neat!


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