Monday, April 12, 2010


sunday we left our house to run into the wind.

big, big hills

green, green grass

wind and wind

room to run

room to grow...

we came home and grabbed scooters

and then headed to a favorite park...

we climbed

and slid

and spun

and laughed

and danced

and discovered -and led- secret passages

and breathed deeply

and it was Fine.


  1. I can picture it now!
    sweet freedom..

  2. Your words are so free and beautiful! Love :)

  3. I know I've been terrible about checking in regularly lately, but my looks like the kiddles have grown a lot!


  4. love the feeling of energy and open space and freedom in your post. So lovely to be out and about in the spring sunshine enjoying the open spaces after a winter of being shut indoors (relatively speaking) - it's been sunny here for the past few days and it feels like we've barely been indoors - we've been loving it!

  5. Your sunday sounds a lot like our sunday. Isn't spring just about the best thing ever??


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